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Disappointed the Nymore bear was shot and killed

I am very appalled at the horrific behavior of our Police Department. In Thursday's (Aug. 12) paper there was a brief article that commented on the inhumane actions of our Police Department regarding a young bear. The young bear was shot and killed because the Police Department decided that was how they would deal with the problem of a bear being in the Nymore area. The bear was not hurting anyone, however, people couldn't leave the bear alone.

There were many other options available that could have removed the bear without any killing or harm to people. Did the Police Department even consider trapping or darting the bear? The quick fix was more agreeable I guess. Why wasn't the DNR involved prior to the killing of the bear? They certainly were called to remove the carcass!

I am proud to say I live in northern Minnesota where people can enjoy a good life filled with the wonders of nature. Today, however, I am ashamed to say I live in Bemidji where we carelessly destroy the wonders of nature around us.

Penny Bohlman