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CURLING: Fenson 2-3 at World tournament

BEIJING, China — The Pete Fenson rink of Bemidji earned its second victory of the 2014 World Men’s Curling Championship tournament Monday as the team stopped Germany 8-3.

The win upped the Fenson rink, which is representing the USA at the event, to 2-3 heading into Monday’s late game against Scotland.

Tuesday’s schedule sees USA facing Canada at 1 a.m.

“We played good (against Germany). We made a series of shots in a row, unlike some of the other games where we’d make one and then miss one, make two and miss one,” Fenson told USA Curling.

Heading into Monday’s late action Norway led the 12-team field with a 5-0 record and Canada was second at 4-1.

Sharing 3-2 records were Japan, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Fenson was 2-3 as were China and Denmark. Trailing the pack at 1-4 were Czech Republic, Scotland and Russia.

The top four teams after the round robin advance to Friday’s page playoffs.

Fenson took control of Monday’s game with three in the third end. The USA rink quickly had two stones behind a corner guard and Fenson used the hammer to work a hit-and-stay for three points.

Fenson upped his lead to 6-2 with a pair in the fifth and solo steals in the sixth and seventh ends cemented the victory.

2014 Men’s World Curling Championships

Beijing, China

All Times CDT


Norway 5-0, Canada 4-1, Japan 3-2, Germany 3-2, Sweden 3-2, Switzerland 3-2, USA 2-3, China 2-3, Denmark 2-3, Czech Republic 1-4, Scotland 1-4, Russia 1-4

Saturday Late Games

China 11, Scotland 8; Switzerland 9, Czech 4

Sunday’s Games

Germany 7, Sededn 5; Japan 9, Canada 6; Norway 8, Denmark 3; USA 6, Russia 5

Norway 9, Czech 5; Switzerland 6, Denmark 5; Japan 9, Scotland 4; Canada 9, China 6

Japan 9, USA 5; Norway 6, Sweden 3; Canada 9, Russia 1; Denmark 9, Germany 4

Monday’s Games

Sweden 7, Russia 6; China 6, Czech 5; USA 8, Germany 3; Scotland 10, Switzerland 8

Norway 5, China 3; Switzerland 8, Japan 3; Denmark 7, Scotland 6; Canada 10, Czech 6

Monday’s Late Games

Germany vs. Switzerland; USA vs. Scotland; Czech vs. Sweden; Russia vs. China

Tuesday’s Games

1 a.m.: Canada vs. USA; Sweden vs. Denmark; Russia vs. Japan; Germany vs. Norway

6 a.m.: Czech vs. Scotland; Canada vs. Norway; China vs. Switzerland; Japan vs. Denmark

8 p.m.: China vs. Denmark; Japan vs. Czech; Norway vs. Scotland; Canada vs. Switzerland

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