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County Board wrong in merging with local SWCD

Death and taxes are two absolutes in life. Another seems to be an inexorable and continual growth in government. We are galloping at light speed toward more government from Washington even in the face of accepted truth that there will never be enough money to pay for it, without borrowing and printing, and never an ability to pay it back.

I find the insolvency of many European countries to be a frightening example of where we go if we continue to spend more than we earn. You can't do it privately and ultimately neither can the taxpayer afford for government to do it. Two candidates for governor of Minnesota headline the paper today and both promise to raise taxes ... at least on the rich. California did that and the employers and the "rich" moved out. California now has a multibillion-dollar deficit and growing by the day with no hope of correction short of curtailing govern-ment spending and lowering tax rates.

I submit that the County Board is going in the wrong direction with recent retention of the Soil and Water Conservation District. Perhaps the county should review the outsourcing of all services other than perhaps police. At least the taxpayers pay once and have no retirement and health care costs going forward for life. Tax relief for some can advantage all.

An example is the board's granting of tax relief to Otter Tail Power. Someone will be employed (and pay taxes) making equipment they will buy and an essential power source is enhanced for the benefit of all. Money velocity will increase and that means more tax revenue.

In any event, there is a limit to how much can be taken from producers before they are incentivized to stop producing. When that happens, there is no more money for government to redistribute. We are moving in the direction of killing the golden goose. The city and the county officials should always consider predictable and undesirable consequences of what they do, before they do it, no matter how desirable their desired outcome may be.

Richard Stennes