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CNN International lost in cable company switch

The local Charter Communications was recently sold to Midcontinent Communicators in Sioux Falls, and my favorite news channel was lost in the process. CNN International is not the same as the CNN that Bemidjians can still find easily on Midcontinent's lineup.

CNN International presents the news from the point of view of Europe, Asia and other places on the planet. Admittedly, the same telecasts were shared occasionally on both channels 28 and 212, when Charter was the provider. But usually the stateside American news was presented by a Londoner, say, and at least an hour weekly was devoted to such "topics" as the Asian continent and interviews with international correspondents, as well as daily reports on the scene of bombing wars like those waged recently between Israel and Lebanon and Gaza. Even the weather reports revealed a world beyond our borders.

When CNN International was no longer available I suspected I would miss it, and yes, I missed it so much that I began to mention my dismay each time I found myself on the phone with Midcontinent during the transitional phase. I even received a letter telling me my request had been received. I heard a rumor that other Bemidjians had made their displeasure known to the local office. It might help if some of these souls would say so in writing, in whatever form their words could find to reach the eyes of others.

Floyce Alexander