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Attitudes on adoption in U.S. need improvement

I am writing this letter in response to the Russian adoptee 7-year old Antyom Savelyev who was sent back on a plane to Russia at the beginning of April with a note from his U.S. adoptive mother stating she could no longer care for him because he had mental health issues.

The current nationwide discussion portrays international adoption negatively and pushes the need to adopt native-born children. As an adult who was internationally adopted as an infant from South Korea, I continue to support all adoptions types: foster care, private domestic and international adoption.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2007 adoption statistics are: Total number of children adop-ted in U.S. 1,782,000 (2 percent of all child-ren); Adopted from foster care 37 percent; Adopted private domestic 38 percent; Inter-nationally adopted 25 percent. People need to be aware of the facts before the make conclusions based on incorrect information.

Americans are doing everything they can to "take care of their own" and provide a permanent family for "our children." Adoptees from all walks of life need to become more involved in the media and legislature to improve attitudes toward adoption and provide better policy for programs.

Jill M. Geroy

Licensed Social Worker