Paid political letter: Voting for Values

Ideas and opinions in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stance of this paper. The author of this letter has paid for its placement. People say, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” I’m a retired educator who lives on a limited budget, so I have also been hit with the higher prices of everything from my eggs to filling my gas tank. However, I too, recognize that our current economic woes aren’t controlled by whatever party is in office but rather from international issues—recall that little on-going worldwide pandemic and the supply chain issues caused in part by Russia’s War on Ukraine?

Unfortunately, politicians don’t have the silver bullet to fix the global economy, but they CAN protect our family security concerns like women’s reproductive freedom, affordable health/child care and public school funding. I want candidates who will support my Medicare and Social Security benefits because I need lowered prescription drug costs and every penny I earned through investment in Social Security! I need representatives like Ericka Bailey-Johnson (MN House 2B), Jen Schultz ((U.S. House, MN 8th district) and Governor Walz, whose experience and education in sustainability and economics will invest in local businesses, family farms, and future generations. They will also fight for fair pay and policies, so we can afford housing and health care.

Yes, inflation is hurting me in the short term, but there are more critical matters that will impact me in the long run: the climate crisis (which is already changing northern Minnesota forests and water levels), safe public schools with a 21st century curriculum, sturdy infrastructure, and renewable energy. Worrying about how many pennies gas goes up and down is temporary, but it won’t matter if we have legislators in a party who deny climate change, women’s choices, election integrity and destabilize the rule of law. That’s why I’m voting for the bigger values that affect the Common Good. With Democratic leadership, we can afford a good life for families and protect democracy on the ballot. The truth is, I knew exactly what I had in reproductive rights and in Medicare/Social Security; I just thought I’d never lose them.

Nancy A. Benson
Bemidji, Minn.