Paid political letter: The Real Pete Stauber

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Recent mailings by Pete Stauber seem to be just a cover up for his poor voting record. He stated his support for veterans and then voted against the PACT Act that would give veterans additional health care services related to potential toxic burn pit exposures.

He describes how inflation is affecting seniors and blames it on Washington (Pete Stauber is part of Washington). Google “what is causing high inflation in 2022” to find out the real cause of our present inflation, it is not Washington. If our representative doesn’t know what is causing high inflation, he shouldn’t be blaming others and won’t know how to resolve it. He introduced an Act to help seniors provide relief from skyrocketing prices. Stauber’s Act only requires Social Security to report 10-year projections of the Consumer Price Index. It does not address inflation and does not “provide relief from skyrocketing prices”.

Stauber voted against the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 recently passed by bipartisan vote. This Act would help seniors by capping pharmacy and insulin costs, provide health insurance and lower cost of prescription drugs.

Stauber’s fliers and e-mails are not totally honest. How can we know what Stauber really supports if he says one thing and does another? All future political advertisements from Stauber should be scrutinized and evaluated for the truth.

Michael Herman
Chisago City, Minn.