Paid political letter: Alan Roy and Representative Grossell Addressed Concerns

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Alan Roy and Representative Grossell Addressed Concerns at The Red Lake Political Education Committee Candidate Fair.

The first time I spoke with Senate District 2 candidate Alan Roy was at the Red Lake Political Education Committee Candidate Fair, but I would like to add more than a mere mention of him and what appears to be the back of his head as was covered by local news as Alan Roy did more than go through the motions to answer my question at the event.

The reason this is important is because Alan Roy addressed out-of-home placement where my question addressed Beltrami County as having one of the highest out-of-home child placements, in the U.S.. Although only 20 percent of Beltrami County identifies as Native American, 88 percent of out-of-home placements are Native American, according to report by the Minnesota Department of Human Services in 2020.

Alan Roy also addressed the Indian Child Welfare Act and mentioned two court cases that are at the Appellate or Supreme Court. Alan Roy also read, from Facebook, concerning how the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards has abrogated their duty, to the administration of justice, and pushed reviews to a costly, appellate review, thereby, robbing Native Americans and the poor of equal justice under the law.

On another issue that went unnoticed by local news, Representative Matt Grossell understood the importance of education for Native Americans, where he sponsored a bipartisan effort, to secure new school facilities, in Red Lake, after he visited a school where a utility closet was used for a classroom, a milestone achievement.

Another issue that went unaddressed is that 5,000 Native Americans have only two roads, between Red Lake/Redby and Bemidji, which function as paths for racial profiling.

Finally, I listened to a Native American youth crying due to school violence which is a very serious issue what with the great number of Native American children being removed, from their ancestral homes, and placed into predominantly white schools.

In conclusion, it is time Native American issues are recognized and not shoved into a utility room.

This letter has no affiliation to any campaign(s) or candidate(s).

Mrs. Patricia Gould
Bemidji, Minn.