Bemidji Middle School announces Fine Art Students of the Month

Bemidji Middle School recently announced Evi Stodgell, Ella Wagner, Elizabeth Relay, Lydia Nygren and Anthony Olson as Fine Art Students of the Month.

Pictured clockwise from left: Artwork done by Evi Stodgell, Ella Wagner, Lydia Nygren, Anthony Olson and Elizabeth Relay.

Bemidji Middle School recently announced Evi Stodgell, Ella Wagner, Elizabeth Relay, Lydia Nygren and Anthony Olson as Fine Art Students of the Month.

Evi Stodgell is the art student of the month. Her favorite thing to make is pottery using the wheel and she believes it's important to keep making things by hand in the digital age so that people don’t lose important skills and traditions.

One of the things she enjoys most about making art is seeing the end result of her project compared to where she started. Stodgell continues to create because she thinks it’s fun and she likes to test out what she can do.

The band student of the month is sixth-grader Ella Wagner. Wagner displays great enthusiasm for band and she’s been rocking heavy metal since day one when she selected the tuba as her first choice instrument.

As the only tuba player in her section, she’s had to work hard to be independent and know her instrument. When asked why she loves the tuba so much, Ella pointed out how deep and low the instrument is.


Eighth-grader Elizabeth Relay is the choir student of the month. Relay chose to be in choir because it's a fun class, she gets to hang out with her friends and the class does a lot more than just sing.

In choir, Relay really enjoys making memories with her friends. In the future, Elizabeth wants to help the little kids in her church choir. She enjoys listening to music in the car with her family and is a member of the middle school show choir. Relay is a hard worker in class, always turns in her assignments on time and is a leader in her section.

The orchestra student of the month is eighth-grader Lydia Nygren. Nygren enjoys playing pieces that are dark and sound creepy. What she enjoys most about orchestra is hearing what the music sounds like when her classmates play together.

Her goals for the future are to fully learn how to shift her fingers and execute vibrato correctly. Nygren always comes to class with her music prepared and she also listens to the music and knows how her part fits in with those around her.

Eighth-grader Anthony Olson is the art workshop artist of the month. His favorite thing to make is anything with wood.

He thinks that it’s important for humans to keep creating things with their hands because people have more freedom creating items by hand than with technology. The thing Olson enjoys about making things is being able to create anything he wants.

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