Bemidji resident wins Super Bowl tickets through Bar 209


BEMIDJI -- The Minnesota Vikings may not be in the Super Bowl, but the touchdowns they scored helped pave the way for a Bemidji man to watch the big game at U.S. Bank Stadium.

On Thursday, Kyle Schuster was presented as the winner of Bar 209’s Super Bowl ticket drawing. Names were added to the drawing through the NFL season.

“Every Sunday during Vikings games, we ran promotions for burgers and beer, and every time the team scored a touchdown, people here 21 or older would get a drawing slip entry,” Bar 209 employee Anthony Kuefler said.

“The more times the Vikings scored, the better their chances would be. We did that throughout the regular season and the playoffs.”

In total, more than a thousand names were entered into the drawing.

“We decided we were going to do something big this year to get people here for Vikings games and football in general. The Super Bowl idea started out almost as a joke, but I floated the idea by Derek (Leach, co-owner) and he ended up liking it,” Kuefler said. “We ran with it and we thought we could do it. We knew it would be expensive, but figured if we got people involved and excited about it, that it’d be worth it.”

Schuster, who follows the Vikings, considers himself more of a casual fan. He said Thursday that when he gets down to the Twin Cities he doesn’t have any set schedule, preferring to wing it. Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles kicks off at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday on NBC.