GroupWorks welcomes Amanda Wollschlager, APRN, PMHNP-BC


GroupWorks Wellness and Recovery Services is pleased to welcome Amanda Wollschlager, Psychiatric Medication Prescriber to our staff! Amanda has been engaged in nursing care, in various capacities, for over 30 years. Her nursing path has led from pediatric home care, prison nursing, rural hospital work, to residential treatment for addiction and patient advocacy as a care coordinator.

As a result of that wealth of experience, she is a welcome addition to the providers of mental health care and services in our setting at GroupWorks. Amanda highly values working in a collaborative team approach to care, empowering each patient to be an active participant in that care, and jointly seeking optimal health outcomes.

Amanda Braith Wollschlager has deep roots in our rural, northern Minnesota local communities and is pleased to return to an area she has long considered “home”! She is excited to begin to serve the community in her new capacity as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Learn more about Amanda Wollschlager at!

To schedule an appointment for psychiatric medication services with Amanda, please call GroupWorks at 218-366-2636.

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