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Some business items will be paid content, giving contributors more control

Readers will notice some changes in our Sunday Community pages beginning April 22.

Business announcements – which include the many names and faces often associated with the Community pages – will now be paid items. These include:

  • Hires and promotions
  • Honors and officers (people getting awards or being named to different boards)
  • Professional development (people who complete training or get certified for certain roles)
  • Briefs (Other business news contributed by outside sources)

When businesses or business people in the past sent us information for these categories, we often edited out material they may have wanted included or emphasized. In short, the newsroom controlled how this information was delivered to the reader rather than those who contributed the information.

By now making this content paid material, we’re allowing the contributors to determine how it’s shaped and headlined. We’ve made the cost for these business announcements very affordable, as we know this information is also highly valuable for our readers. Up to 7 inches of copy will be available for $25, with each additional inch of copy available for an additional $10 fee.

The Pioneer will continue to publish photos of business contributions to nonprofit groups free of charge.

Several years ago, we made the same change with our obituaries for the very same reasons – our contributors wanted more control over this material. In the years since, it’s turned into a great model for announcements.

Our reporters will continue to objectively report the news of our business community in the same manner they always have.

Anyone with questions on the paid business briefs or the online process is welcome to call our Customer Service department during business hours at (218) 333-9200.

Business section guidelines

Local businesses are encouraged to submit business announcements to the Pioneer for the Sunday Community pages. This service allows businesses to place and publish their own news, guaranteeing them control over content and placement in the desired edition.

Each submission will be charged a fee of $25 for the first seven inches and an additional $10 per inch beyond that (an inch is about 25-30 words). In addition, the new service will allow businesses to choose how long an announcement should be and include up to five head shots.

The deadline for the Sunday section is noon Thursday.

To submit an announcement, visit

To submit a business news tip, contact Editor Matt Cory at 218-333-9774 or email