BEMIDJI -- One of Bemidji’s newest restaurants, Table for 7, is closing its doors for the next couple of months due to the “instability of the COVID world,” head chef and owner Amber Lynne announced in a Facebook post Wednesday.

In an accompanying video, Lynne acknowledged that her farm to table eatery had not been able to qualify for many government assistance programs in 2020 due to being a new business with no comparable sales from previous years. However, she said local organizations, such as Greater Bemidji and Bemidji Alliance, have provided her with support.

“We just need a little bit of time to rejuvenate and plan and . . . look for a few staff members, and hopefully, get through the next couple of months and settle into normal things this spring,” Lynne said in the video. “It’s no secret that it’s been a rough year for restaurants, and we’re no exception.”

Lynne said she will continue working on her “A New Plate” food program, however, it has not yet reached her enrollment and sponsorship targets. She will also be offering Zoom classes for those interested in learning about food and cooking from home.

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There will be a cooler stocked with Table for 7 to-go items, which will be located at Up Thrift in Paul Bunyan Mall. Lynne said the cooler will consist of “grab-and-go lunch-type” items, such as wraps, sandwiches and salads, and will be refilled twice a week. She plans for it to open on Friday, Jan. 8.

Those who have Table for 7 gift cards will be able to redeem them once the restaurant is back open. Gift cards will not be accepted for cooler items in the mall.

“Don’t get worried, because we’re here to stay,” Lynne said.