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TRACK AND FIELD: Bemidji piles on new personal records in Brainerd

Bemidji eighth grader Madysen Schmidt (left) leaps in the 100 meter hurdles at the section true team meet in Brainerd on Thursday, finishing 11th during her first varsity meet. (Kelly Humphrey | Forum News Service)

BRAINERD -- The Bemidji High School track and field teams took part in the section true team meet in Brainerd on Thursday, and the boys came out with a sixth place finish, while the girls finished seventh among the 10-team fields.

Ryan Bieberdorf set a new standard in the long jump, as he broke the boys’ school record with a 22-08.25 jump. His mark also topped the field, as did his triple jump score of 43-08.50.

As a team, the Lumberjacks set six new personal records, boys head coach Steve Sneide said.

“We’re real pleased with how we performed,” he said. “When you’re ‘PR-ing,’ it doesn’t matter where you finished. It’s, ‘We did our best.’”

Elsewhere for the boys team, Calvin Faust and Zach Priewe took fourth in the 100 meter dash and pole vault, respectively, with finishes of 11.18 and 11-00.00. The 4X200 relay team took fifth with a 1:35.94 mark, as well.

On the girls side, Sadie Hamrin took top-two finishes in both the 1600 meters (5:13.99) and 800 meters (2:22.94). Jordan Mann also took second in the 100 meter dash with a 12.79 time, as well as fourth in the 200 meters with a 26.81 mark. The Jacks’ 4X100 relay team also came in fourth with a time of 52.45.

As a whole, seven individuals from each the Bemidji boys and girls teams took top-10 finishes.

“Overall, we’re pleased with how we performed,” Sneide said. “The biggest thing, today we saw a lot of teams that are in our section, so we can kind of see where kids are at and where we’re at compared to them, and what it’s going to take come section time. Really, it’s going to give us some information on where to put our kids.”

St. Michael-Albertville won the meet on the boys side with a score of 1013. Alexandria (970) and Moorhead (965.5) followed, and BHS came in sixth at 705.

The Alexandria girls took the team win with a score of 1060.5, while St. Michael-Albertville followed in second with 1044. Bemidji’s 631.5 placed the Lumberjacks in seventh.

“Our next goal, come section time, is trying to get kids to state,” said Sneide. “Today’s true team, you try to score the best you can as a team, but come sections, we’re just concerned with getting kids to state.”

BHS returns to action at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, when the Jacks compete against the Spuds in Moorhead.

Boys team results

1-St. Michael-Albertville 1013; 2-Alexandria 970; 3-Moorhead 965.5; 4-Brainerd 813; 5-Sartell-St. Stephen 812.5; 6-Bemidji 705; 7-Sauk Rapids-Rice 601; 8-St. Cloud Apollo 541; 9-St. Cloud Tech 462; 10-Buffalo 439.

Boys individual results

4X800 Relay: 1-Moorhead 8:20.43. Bemidji results: 7-BHS 8:42.9.

100 Meter Hurdles: 1-Spieker (Brainerd) 15.00. Bemidji results: 8-Kelly 16.99; 14-Rebischke 17.44; 26 Schwinghammer 19.77.

100 Meters: 1-Peal (STMA) 10.88. Bemidji results: 4-Faust 11.18; 13-Gish 11.52; 14-Arel 11.53.

4X200 Relay: 1-Moorhead 1:32.75. Bemidji results: 5-BHS 1:35.94.

1600 Meters: 1-Basten (Buffalo) 4:23.77. Bemidji results: 10-Hodgson 4:40.75; 12-Dybing 4:40.88; 23-Berg 4:55.50.

4X100 Relay: 1-STMA 42.95. Bemidji results: 9-BHS 46.80.

400 Meters: 1-Crompton (Moorhead) 51.05. Bemidji results: 17-Rohder 54.89; 19-Hatfield 54.90; 24-Sauer 56.55.

300 Meters: 1-Spieker (Brainerd) 39.33. Bemidji results: 10-Rebischke 44.52; 22-Schulze 47.01; 24-Kelly 47.94.

800 Meters: 1-Tracy (STMA) 2:00.42. Bemidji results: 8-Siems 2:04.68; 14-Berg 2:08.22; 16-Hodgson 2:08.83.

200 Meters: 1-Olson (Alexandria) 22.81. Bemidji results: 20-Snell 24.43; 21-Grant 24.51; 24-Falldorf 25.47.

3200 Meters: 1-Basten (Buffalo) 9:50.62. Bemidji results: 9-Dybing 10:17.71; 11-Mostad 10:18.84; 12-Fouquerel-Skoe 10:18.86.

4X400 Relay: 1-Brainerd 3:26.81. Bemidji results: 5-BHS 3:37.16.

Long Jump: 1-Bieberdorf (Bemidji) 22-08.25. Other Bemidji results: 10-Brown 19-06.5; 16-Snell 18-08.75.

Triple Jump: 1-Bieberdorf (Bemidji) 43-08-50. Other Bemidji results: 16-Yang 37-11.00; 23-Rohder 35-01.00.

High Jump: 1-Thurman (STMA) 6-07.00. Bemidji results: 13-Branham 5-04.00; 13-Matetich 5-04.00; 18-Falldorf 5-02.00.

Pole Vault: 1-Newbanks (SRR) 12-06.00. Bemidji results: 4-Priewe 11-00.00; 10-Wuori 10-00.00; 20-Fredrickson 9-00.00.

Shot Put: 1-Ludwig (Alexandria) 54.09.50. Bemidji results: 22-Nelson 38.11.50; 23-Matheney 38-02.00; 26-Robertson 36-05.00.

Discuss: 1-Ludwig (Alexandria) 160-07. Bemidji results: 24-Schwarzlander 97-11; 25-Nelson 97-10; 26-Rintala 95-00.50.

Girls team results

1-Alexandria 1060.5; 2-St. Michael-Albertville 1044; 3-Moorhead 915.5; 4-Brainerd 842.5; 5-Sartell-St. Stephen 753.5; 6-Buffalo 647; 7-Bemidji 631.5; 8-St. Cloud Tech 590.5; 9-Sauk Rapids-Rice 404.5; 10-St. Cloud Apollo 311.5.

Girls individual results

4X800 Relay: 1-STMA 9:58.24. Bemidji results: 7-BHS 11:13.68.

100 Meter Hurdles: 1-Roste (Alexandria) 17.14. Bemidji results: 11-Schmidt 18.00; 16-Toward 18.59; 21-Malterud 19.85.

100 Meters: 1-Howell (Moorhead) 12.78. Bemidji results: 2-Mann 12.79; 11-Hofstad 13.23; 18-Schmidt 13.76.

4X200 Relay: 1-Buffalo 1:48.37. Bemidji DQ.

1600 Meters: 1-Davis (STMA) 5:10.61. Bemidji results: 2-Hamrin 5:13.99; 19-Dickerson 5:43.25; 21-Dewitt 5:47.79.

4X100 Relay: 1-Moorhead 51.87. Bemidji results: 4-BHS 52.45.

300 Meter Hurdles: 1-Rein (St. Cloud Tech) 50.21. Bemidji results: 16-Eberwine 53.14; 18-Schmidt 53.50; 19-Toward 53.58.

800 Meters: 1-O’Malley (Buffalo) 2:20.49. Bemidji results: 2-Hamrin 2:22.94; 18-Meyer 2:37.93; 24-Alto 2:45.66.

200 Meters: 1-Howell (Moorhead) 25.84. Bemidji results: 4-Mann 26.81; 15-Cermak 28.47; 21-H. Mueller 29.12.

3200 Meters: 1-Weimer (STMA) 11:03.31. Bemidji results: 11-Dewitt 12:32.51; 22-Petermann 14:33.95; 23-Palmer 14:40.06.

Long Jump: 1-Lipp (St. Cloud Tech) 18-00.75. Bemidji results: 6-H. Mueller 15-11.00; 21-A. Mueller 14-06.00; 23-Corradi 13-06.50.

Triple Jump: 1-Lipp (St. Cloud Tech) 37.00.50. Bemidji results: 7-Cermak 32-10.00; 9-Hildenbrand 31-11.25; 21-Hofstad 30-06.75.

High Jump: 1-Nelson (STMA) 5-02.00. Bemidji results: 10-Palmer 4-08.00; 17-Hickman 4-04.00; 22-LaMoure 4-02.00.

Pole Vault: 1-Harmer (Brainerd) 9-06.00. Bemidji results: 15-Corradi 6-06.00.

Shot Put: 1-Charlier (Brainerd) 41-06.25. Bemidji results: 22-Willberg 27-08.50; 26-Saiger 24-03.25; 30-Baker 19-08.00.

Discuss: 1-Duwenhoegger (Alexandria) 122-06. Bemidji results: 24-Willberg 74-00; 26-Saiger 65-02; 30-Moyer 45-03.

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