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Anglers on area stream find success on opening weekend

Steve Turner of Maple Grove caught three trout by 10 a.m. Sunday. He discovered this stream last summer and enjoys reading the water. Pioneer Photo/Pat Miller1 / 2
Roy Adams of Bemidji spent Sunday morning casting his spinner into an area river looking for trout. Adams has been a trout angler since he was a youngster and was on the river in search of enjoyment and dinner.Pioneer Photo/Pat Miller2 / 2

Sunday dawned bright, clear and chilly but by mid-morning the temperature had climbed and the trout were biting.

"This is a great place to spend the morning," said Steve Turner who lives in Maple Grove and owns a cabin near Stump Lake. "My girl friend and I were at the stream by 7 a.m. and we had the place to ourselves. We couldn't get the trout to bite that early but we certainly enjoyed ourselves."

The stream trout season opened Saturday and on Sunday Turner was working one of the streams managed by the Bemidji Area DNR Fisheries officials. He started the day casting his in-line spinner into a pool but the trout were not receptive to the presentation.

"I could see them rising to the surface to eat the insects but I couldn't get them to bite," Turner said. "I even tried using worms.

"But that's fishing."

Once the frost and the chill in the air were replaced by warm sunshine, however, the trout that wouldn't bite at sunrise became more cooperative.

Turner had three in his creel at 10 a.m. and was confident that he would have ample opportunity to catch the two more he needed for a day's limit.

If that didn't happen, however, he would leave the stream contented.

"My first time on this stream was last year and this is one of the nicest trout streams you could fish anywhere in Minnesota," Turner, stopping to enjoy the sound of a grouse drumming in the background, said. "I have fished the streams in southeastern Minnesota and this stream is comparable to them in terms of how you must read the water and the scenery.

"I'm 62 years old and I've been trout fishing since I was in high school," Turner continued. "I have fished many trout streams and this stream has as much to offer as any stream in the state. I enjoy fishing here."

Roy Adams of Bemidji was wading in a pool at a different segment of the river Sunday morning and he had fooled five trout with his in-line spinner and kept three.

"There are many ways to catch trout. You don't need to use fly tackle," Adams said.

Adams is a veteran of the sport and he has spent countless hours reading water and trying to discern where the trout might be hiding.

"I can't remember when I haven't been trout fishing," he said. "At four years of age my dad dragged me out to go fishing and I've been doing it since."

Sunday's mission, in addition to enjoying a day on the stream, was to return with supper.

"I have walleye, perch and crappie in the freezer from winter fishing and today I wanted something else, a different meal, for the family," Adams said.

Fresh trout bathed in butter and seasoned with fennel, garlic and lemon. Bon appétit.

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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