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South shore redevelopment: Public hearing on Nymore Beach sale

The Bemidji Economic Development Authority will hold a public hearing on the proposed sale of land that includes the Nymore Beach area.

The land included for sale does not include the boat launch area.

The BEDA, comprised of Bemidji city councilors, will convene immediately following the regular City Council meeting that begins at 7 p.m. Monday City Hall.

The BEDA voted June 1 to sell the 2.14 acres to the Edgewater Group, which includes Rich Siegert, the owner and operator of the Hampton Inn & Suites.

The Edgewater Group plans to use the developable land to either expand the Hampton Inn and Green Mill businesses, construct a new hotel or construct a new restaurant, according to BEDA documents.

The agreement states that the current Nymore Beach must be continued to be used as a public beach for five years or until the new Nymore Beach is completed farther east.

The city plans to construct an expanded and enhanced Nymore Beach area east of the existing beach as part of the public land included in the south shore redevelop.

The BEDA has negotiated to sell the land for $650,000 with $575,000 in cash and $75,000 as in-kind consideration for the continued five-year use of Nymore Beach.

If approved, the land sale to the Edgewater Group will be the first in the south shore redevelopment area.

Another land sale?

The BEDA will meet in a closed session following the pubic hearing to discuss another possible land sale in the south shore.

The agenda for the BEDA meeting does not specify the location of the property that will be discussed.

However, City Manager John Chattin wrote in the city's weekly newsletter, released on Thursday, that "another proposal for development of south shore property was received ... and will be discussed at a closed session of the BEDA Monday night."

"We continue to have interest in our development and we will be considering a process for handling these proposals as we move forward," Chattin wrote.