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TRACK: Bemidji tunes up for sections with final regular season meet

Bemidji’s Payton Christofferson, left, takes the baton from Billy Freyholtz in the 800-meter relay during a Bemidji’s quadrangular track meet Wednesday at Bemidji High School. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer1 / 2
Jenna Truedson, left, takes the baton from Amy Carey in the 200-meter relay Wednesday. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer2 / 2

BEMIDJI — With the section 8-2A finals beginning next week, the Bemidji High School track team had one last chance to work out all its kinks Wednesday afternoon. One last chance to “give it all the marbles” — which has become a rallying cry for the Lumberjacks. Especially the BHS middle distance runners.

“We’re just trying to make sure we run fearless at this point in the season,” BHS junior Gunnar Nelson said Wednesday following the Lumberjacks’ quadrangular meet at Bemidji High School.

Nelson and his middle distance teammates — the 800-meter relay team — closed out their final regular season meet with personal records in the open 800.

Senior Elias Hendrickson smoked the competition in the 800 with a time of 1 minute, 55.92 seconds. Sam Carlson took second with a time of 1:59.00. Senior Nick Gubbels was just seconds behind him at 1:59.37 and Nelson took fifth with a time of 2:01.26.

“They all looked really good today,” BHS head boys coach Steve Sneide said of his 800-meter relay team. “Overall we just had a good day as a team.

“We finally had decent weather and the guys are starting to peak at the right time.”

The Lumberjacks finished a distant second in the team standings behind Moorhead in the meet, which also included Grand Rapids and Thief River Falls. The Lumberjacks girls team also finished second to Moorhead, earning 74 points to the Spuds’ 80.

But Wednesday’s meet wasn’t about team scores. It was all about tuning up for the section meet, which begins next week with preliminaries in Detroit Lakes.

To that end, the athletes that normally run on the boys 800-meter relay team (Hendrickson, Gubbels, Carlson and Nelson) didn’t compete in Wednesday’s relay. Instead they rested up — and it paid off.

“Coming into today, we all wanted to make sure we got on the honor roll,” Hendrickson said. “That was important. Three of us got there and Gunnar was really close.”

The state’s honor roll for the 800 is reserved for times under 2:01.00. Nelson was 29-tenths of a second over the time.

“We haven’t tapered that much this season with the weird weather,” Gubbels said. “So the fact that we’re running PRs at this point in the season is a good sign. It’s a real confidence booster.”

The 800 runners weren’t the only group of Bemidji athletes to post good times on a sunny — if not windy — spring day.

Three Bemidji sprinters recorded PRs in the 100-meter dash: freshman Nate Gubbels (11.72), junior Wakinyan Moore (11.89) and freshman Logan Hatfield (11.94).

Gubbels also had a PR in the 300 hurdles with a time of 42.87.

In the high jump, Tanner Phillips set a PR with a leap of 5 feet, 10 inches, taking first in the competition, while AJ Anderson had a 5-8 leap and Indi Farris 5-6.

The 800 team that did run on Wednesday — Payton Christofferson, Felix Hoefer, Billy Freyholtz and Alex Schussman — took second in 11:18.24.

“Everybody’s starting to come on at the right time,” Sneide said. “It was a good tuneup for sections and state.”

Girls Division

The Bemidji girls were also looking to make sure they were in good shape for the state meet Wednesday afternoon.

“Basically today was the meet to try different kids in different spots to finalize what we’re going to do for sections,” BHS girls coach Chris Lehman said.

Among the highlights for the Lumberjack girls were the races of Maea Wall and Jenna Truedson.

Wall, a sophomore, took first in the 200 with a time of 26.00.

“She’s still a bit hurt and wanted to run it,” Lehman said. “That’s a great time for still hurting a little. And she was disappointed she didn’t get a better time.”

Wall also won the long jump at 16-10 ½.

Truedson ran in the 3,200-meters and turned in a time of 11:16.56.

“She hasn’t run that race in at least two years,” Lehman said. “So that’s a great time for her. We were trying to see what she can run.”

Truedson also ran in Bemidji’s winning 200-meter relay team with Wall, Nicole Henderickson and Amy Carey; they took first with a time of 1:50.42.

Emily Falldorf won the high jump for BHS with a personal best leap of 5-2 while Allie Heifort once again won the shot put and discus throw with distances of 39-11 and 133-02, respectively.

“It was a good day for us,” Lehman said. “It was the first really warm meet we’ve competed in outdoors and it was our last chance to see kids in our section.

“We’re still trying to decide where we put some kids next week but I think we’re in good shape.”

The preliminary heats for the Section 8-2A meet will be May 29 in Detroit Lakes while the finals are scheduled for Friday, May 31, in Sartell.

Bemidji Quadrangular

Girls Division

Moorhead 80, Bemidji 74, Grand Rapids 55, Thief River Falls 20.5

100: 1-Brazerol (GR) 13.61. Bemidji’s results: 3-Falldorf 14.14; 9-Beck 14.87; 13-Osborn 15.10; 14-Newborn 15.15; 15-Bloomberg 15.30; 19-Birkhauser 15.75; 20-Waeitner 15.92; 27-Westad 16.91.

200: 1-Wall (BHS) 26.00. Other Bemidji results: 5-Rickert 28.95; 11-Greendahl 30.31; 14-Osborn 31.77; 15-Goeb 31.93; 17-Newborn 32.35.

400: 1-Serratore (BHS) 1:05.17.

800: 1-Selberg (Moor) 2:22.83. No Bemidji runners.

1600: 1-Baker (GR) 5:20.52. Bemidji results: 5-Thorson 5:55.58; 14-Smith 6:47.08.

3200: 1-Truedson (BHS) 11:16.56; 2-Hart (GR) 13:19.74. No other runners.

100 hurdles: 1-Biermaier (TRF) 16.35. Bemidji’s results: 2-Oakes 18.39; 6-Maki 20.14; 10-Erickson 22.31.

300 hurdles: 1-Biermaier (TRF) 46.28. Bemidji’s results: 5-Oakes 53.62; 8-Maki 58.43; 9-Erickson 58.46.

4x100: 1-Moorhead 51.39. Bemidji results: 3-Bemidji 55.09; 7-Bemidji B 58.51.

4x200: 1-Bemidji 1:50.42. Other Bemidji results: 4-Bemidji B 1:59.34; 7-Bemidji C 2:05.93.

4x400: 1-Moorhead 4:11.17. Bemidji’s results: 4-Bemidji 4:34.92; 5-Bemidji B 4:39.75.

4x800: 1-Grand Rapids 10:40.12. Bemidji’s results: 2-Bemidji 11:18.24.

High jump: 1-Falldorf (BHS) 5-2. Other Bemidji results: 2-Rickert 4-10; 4-Colligan 4-6; 8-Oakes 4-2.

Pole vault: 1-Peterson (BHS) 8-6. Other Bemidji results: 6-Osborn 6-0; 6-Hickman 6-0.

Long jump: 1-Wall (BHS) 16-10.5. Other Bemidji results: 4-Greendahl 14-7.5; 7-Maki 14-0.25; 14-Erickson 13-3.5; 22-Bloomberg 11-7.5; 24-Chadwick 11-5.25.

Triple jump: 1-Wong (Moor) 32-7. Bemidji results: 12-Chadwick 27-7; 15-Smith 24-05.5.

Shot put: 1-Heifort (BHS) 39-11. Other Bemidji results: 6-Johnson 32-10; 11-Colligan 26-0; 12-Trammell 25-2.5; 14-Littlewolf 23-8; 18-Goose 19-11; 20-Kehoe 14-01.

Discus: 1-Heifort (BHS) 133-02. Other Bemidji results: 7-Johnson 81-10; 12-Colligan 56-02; 13-Littlewolf 55-01; 15-Goose 42-02; 16-Kehoe 40-03.

Boys Division

Moorhead 86.5; Bemidji 64; Grand Rapids 57; Thief River Falls 20.5

100: 1-Andersen (Moor) 11.17. Bemidji’s results: 3-Na.Gubbels 11.78; 4-Moore 11.89; 5-Hatfield 11.94; 6-Annette 12.08; 12-Steffes 12.57.

200: 1-Anderson (Moor) 23.14. Bemidji’s results: 3-Lish 23.83; 9-Vollen 25.01; 11-Hulsebus 25.18; 21-Hazard 35.74.

400: 1-Lawrence (Moor) 50.07. Bemidji’s results: 2-Moore 53.53; 5-Vollen 55.45; 13-Youso 1:05.29.

800: 1-Hendrickson (BHS) 1:55.92. Other Bemidji results: 2-Carlson 1:59.00; 3-Ni.Gubbels 1:59.00; 5-Nelson 2:01.26; 14-Nubeck 2:11.09; 17-Christofferson 2:18.18; 18-Freyholtz 2:19.17; 19-Appelton 2:20.68.

1600: 1-Wickland (Moor) 5:04.11. Bemidji’s results: 6-Hoefer 5:18.85; 10-Gudmunson 5:42.84; 13-Letson 5:55.36.

3200: 1-Francois-King (GR) 11:42.49. No Bemidji runners.

110 hurdles: 1-Hanson (Moor) 16.19. Bemidji’s results: 3-Na.Gubbels 17.83; 9-Peterson 21.33.

300 hurdles: 1-Hanson (Moor) 41.96. Bemidji’s results: 9-Na.Gubbels 42.87; 6-Letson 45.15; 10-Jirlk 47.82; 11-Peterson 50.02.

4x100: 1-Grand Rapids 45.47. Bemidji’s results: 3-Bemidji 47.31.

4x200: 1-Grand Rapids 1:36.26. No Bemidji team.

4x400: 1-Moorhead 3:31.31. Bemidji results: 2-Bemidji A 3:31.34; 3-Bemidji B 3:34.71; Bemidji C 3:58.60.

4x800: 1-Grand Rapids 8:37.94. Bemidji’s results: 2-Bemidji 8:51.27.

High jump: 1-Phillips (BHS) 5-10. Other Bemidji results: 3-Anderson 5-8; 5-Farris 5-6; 12-Bush 5-0; 16-Yartz 4-10; 16-Grospe 4-10.

Pole vault; 1-Wiedrich (Moor) 11-6. Bemidji’s results: 2-Steffes 10-6; 7-Anderson 8-6; 10-Farris 7-0.

Long jump: 1-Hatfield (BHS) 19-03. Other Bemidji results: 2-3-Schussman 17-7; 6-Na.Gubbels 16-9.

Triple jump: 1-Duginski (Moor) 36-8.5. Bemidji’s results: 2-Dickinson 36-6; 5-Vollen 35-11; 7-Schussman 35-8; 14-Maxwell 31-2.

Shot put: 1-Thomsen (GR) 51-1. Bemidji’s results: 10-Flaherty 34-10.5; 15-Krotzer 30-11; Hulsebus 30-0.25; 22-Bakke 23-04.5.

Discus: 1-Thomsen (GR) 153-9. Bemidji’s results: 6-Flaherty 107-8; 7-Krotzer 102-1; 14-Hulsebus 82-7; 19-Bakke 67-3.

Jack Hittinger

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