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TRACK: True Team tests Bemidji athletes

BUFFALO — Bemidji High School’s track team didn’t have the deepest team possible during Thursday’s Section 8-3A True Team meet at Buffalo, but the Lumberjacks did what they could with the athletes they had available.

“We had a few girls hurt and we had to scramble to get kids rearranged into certain events,” BHS girls head coach Chris Lehman said. “But the kids competed well. They went out and did the best they could with what we were dealing with.”

The BHS girls finished seventh at the True Team with a score of 606.5; while the boys team was sixth with a score of 636.

“We’re pretty happy with our performances,” BHS boys head coach Steve Sneide said, noting that the cold and windy conditions in Buffalo contributed to difficult times and distances for everyone competing Thursday.

The girls team, who was without Jenna Truedson (who went home sick after running the mile) and Jordan Mills (who was injured this weekend), had three event winners —  all in the field events.

Amber Peterson took the pole vault with a vault of 8 feet, 6 inches.

Maea Wall won the long jump at 17-03 ½ while Ali Heifort captured the shot put with a put of 41-00 ½

Also notable according to Lehman were Megan Serratore and Dani Gronhovd. Both ran in the mile and the 400-meter relay. Gronhovd also ran the 400 and Serratore the 800.

The 400 relay team took third with a time of 4 minutes, 17.36 seconds.

“They both did very well,” Lehman said. “They ran quality times in their events despite the tough conditions.”

Moorhead won the girls race with a time of 870.5 while Brainerd took second at 862.5. St. Michael-Albertville, Monticello, Buffalo and Alexandria rounded out the top six places ahead of Bemidji.

For the boys, a few performances stood out.

Elias Hendrickson won both the 800 and the 1,600 with times of 1:58.75 and 4:23.88, respectively.

Meanwhile, Sam Carlson took second in the 1,600 at 4:23.93 and second at 9:47.30.

“Our middle-distance guys had a very good day,” Sneide said, noting that Nick Gubbels took fifth in the 800 and Gunnar Nelson eighth.

Brady Schmidt was second in the long jump with a distance of 20-6 ¾ while Clayton Dickenson finished 16th in the triple jump but improved his personal best by more than three feet.

Overall the boys team finished sixth with 636 points, behind Brainerd with 737.

Buffalo finished first at 915.5 while St. Michael-Albertville was second at 872.

“We placed sixth, which is probably where we should be at this point,” Sneide said. “I have no complaints with how the guys ran today.”

The Lumberjacks are off this weekend before returning to the track next week for an intra-squad meet. 

Section 8-2A True Team Meet

Girls Division

Moorhead 870.5, Brainerd 862.5, St. Michael 721, Monticello 714, Buffalo 657.5, Alexandria 656.5, Bemidji 606.5, St. Cloud Tech 525.5, Sauk Rapids 385

100: 1-Ryan (Bra) 12.81. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 15-Falldorf 13.8

200: 1-Jesser (SM) 27.22. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 10-Carey 28.53; 19-Rickert 29.51

400: 1-Kosobud (Bra) 1:01.16. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 2-Wall 1:01.21; 6-Careyt 1:05.28; 10-Gronhovd 1:06.05

800: 1-Kosobud (Bra) 2:20.33. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 7-Serratore 2:30.39; 19-Thorson 2:47.19

1600: 1-King (SM) 5:06.88. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 3-Truedson 5:14.21; 14-Serratore 5:38.09; 15-Gronhovd 5:53.97

3200: 1-King (SM) 11:08.25. Bemidji’s top 20 results: None

100 hurdles: 1-Miller (Bra) 16.22. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 4-Laakso 16.75; 12-Hendrickson 17.89; 18-Oakes 18.45

300 hurdles: 1-Johnson (Moor) 47.08. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 7-Laakso 50.97; 14-Hendrickson 54.48; 20-Oakes 55.97

4x100: 1-Brainerd 52.28. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 8-Bemidji 56.52

4x200: 1-buffalo 1:53.25. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 6-Bemidji 1:55.36

4x400: 1-Moorhead 4:10.48. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 3-Bemidji 4:16.43

4x800: 1-Alexandria 9:59.48. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 9-Bemidji 11:58.95

High jump: 1-Johnson (Bra) 4-10. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 5-Falldorf 4-6; 5-Rickert 4-6; 10-Oakes 4-6

Pole vault: 1-Peterson (Bem) 8-6. Other Bemidji: 20-Hickman 6-6

Long jump: 1-Wall (Bem) 17-3.75. Other Bemidji: 19-Greendahl 13-6.25

Triple jump: 1-Autio (SM) 36-5. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 11-Peterson 31-2

Shot put: 1-Heifort 41-0.5. Other Bemidji: 20-Johnson 29-2

Discus: 1-Drechsel (Moor) 128-8. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 7-Johnson 93-4

Boys Division

Buffalo 915.5, St. Michael 872, Moorhead 776, Monticello 749, Brainerd 737, Bemidji 636, Alexandria 476.5, Sauk Rapids 423, St. Cloud Tech 401

100: 1-Andersen (Moor) 11.14. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 3-Schmidt 11.37; 17-Hatfield 12.02

200: 1-Olson (Buf) 22.90. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 9-Schmidt 23.71; 15-Moore 24.99; 20-Hatfield 25.53

400: 1-Olson (Buf) 50.97. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 6-Gubbels 53.64; 7-Moore 54.57; 9-Loisel 54.87

800: 1-Hendrickson (Bem) 1:58.75. Other Bemidji: Nick Gubbels 2:06.72; 8-Nelson 2:07.47

1600: 1-Hendrickson (Bem) 4:23.88. Other Bemidji: 2-Carlson 4:23.93; 14-Neubeck 4:50.09

3200: 1-Sage (SM0 9:45.5. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 2-Carlson 9:47.30; 11-Freyholtz 10:32.87; 17-Appleton 10:46.38

110 hurdles: 1-Young (Buf) 15.09. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 9-Nate Gubbels 17.0; 13-Phillips 17.29

300 hurdles: 1-Ferry (SM) 40.06. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 9-Nate Gubbels 43.39

4x100: 1-Monticello 45.30. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 7-Bemidji 48.71

4x200: 1-Monticello 1:34.87. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 6-Bemidji 1:37.75

4x400: 1-St. Michael 3:31:90. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 2-Bemidji 3:33.03

4x800: 1-Buffalo 8:26.10. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 4-Bemidji 8:51.30

High jump: 1-Weston (SM) 6-0. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 12-Phillips 5-4; 20-Anderson 5-2

Pole vault; 1-Clifton (Buf) 14-6. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 9-Steffes 10-6

Long jump: 1-Davis (Bra) 20-6.75. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 2-Schmidt 20-6.5; 15-Annette 18-0.85; 18-Hatfield 18-0

Triple jump: 1-Smith (Bra) 42-6. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 16-Dickinosn 36-11; 19-Schussman 36-7

Shot put: 1-Nieland (SCT) 47-7. Bemidji’s top 20 results: None

Discus: 1-Asprey (Bra) 152-1. Bemidji’s top 20 results: 20-Flaherty 111-4

Jack Hittinger

Jack Hittinger is the sports editor of the Bemidji Pioneer. He is also the Bemidji State beat writer. He hails from the Great State of Michigan. Read his Bemidji State blog at and follow him on Twitter at @Jackhitts.

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