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Track: Shorthanded Jacks do their best at True Team meets

BUFFALO -- The Section 8-3A True Team track and field meet was originally scheduled for Thursday and the Bemidji girls and boys teams were anxiously seeing how they would fare.

Thursday's weather, however, was horrible and meet officials had no choice other than to postpone it to Friday.

While postponing was the logical move, the switch to Friday didn't help the Lumberjacks as many of the athletes had to stay in Bemidji to take advanced placement tests. Some of them were able to make the long drive to Buffalo following the examinations but those who did suffered the ill effects of the 3-hour drive and the lack of warm-ups.

For the record, the BHS girls finished fifth while the boys were seventh.

"We easily would have been in the top four if we had all of our athletes," said Jacks girls coach Chris Lehman. "Still, we finished fifth and last year we were seventh so we improved."

Lumberjacks boys coach Steve Sneide had a similar story.

"It was a tough day for us," Sneide said. "The kids performed the best they could but it was tough, especially for the ones who came after their tests. The meet started at 1 p.m. and they arrived at 3:30. They didn't have the chance to warm much and we just threw them in the events when they made it to the meet."

Despite the distractions a number of Bemidji athletes fared well. In the girls division Jenna Truedson won the 800 and was third in the mile, Maea Wall claimed the 400, was second in the 200, third in the long jump and fourth in the 100.

Hope Hickman also was an event champion as she captured the pole vault.

Megan Serratore contributed a third in the 800 and was seventh in the mile. Sadie Hamrin also was third in the 3200 and Atomic Thorson was sixth in the event.

Amy Carey had a nice day as she was third in the 100 hurdles.

"The conditions were very windy so times may not have been that great," Lehman said. "But the kids did well."

Sam Carlson paced the boys as he won the mile and was second in the 800. Bemidji's other top-five finishes included Caleb Appleton's third in the 3200 and Nate Gubbels' fifth in the 300 hurdles.

Section 8-3A True Team

Girls Division

St. Michael 948, Brainerd 799.5, Moorhead 790.5, Alexandria 717, Bemidji 664, Monticello 632.5, St. Cloud Tech 530, Buffalo 468, Sauk Rapids 449.5

100: 1-Johnson (Alex) 12.62. Bemidji's top-15 results: 4-Wall 13.65

200: 1-Johnson (Alex) 26.49. Bemidji's top-15 results: 2-Wall 27.00

400: 1-Wall (Bem) 59.99

800: 1-Truedson (Bem) 2:23.47. Other Bemidji: 3-Serratore 2:27.39; 10-Gislason 2;35.59

1600: 1-Heil (SM) 5:04.28. Bemidji's top-15 results: 3-Truedson 5:12.83; 7-Serratore 5:23.29

3200: 1-Heil (SM) 11:38.32. Bemidji's top-15 results: 3-Hamrin 11:48.36; 6-Thorson 12:09.34

100 hurdles: 1-Johnson (Moor) 16.17. Bemidji's top-15 results: 3-Carey 17.35; 9-Henderickson 18.13; 10-Laakso 18.34

300 hurdles: 1-Johnson (Moor) 46.41. Bemidji's top-15 results: 8-Laakso 50.09; 9-Carey 50.47

4x100: 1-St. Michael 52.11. Bemidji's top-15 results: 9-Bemidji 56.39

4x200: 1-St. Michael 1:50.66. Bemidji's top-15 results: 8-Bemidji 1:58.66

4x400: 1-Moorhead 4;10.48. Bemidji's top-15 results: 5-Bemidji 4:19.49

4x800: 1-Moorhead 10:13.70. Bemidji's top-15 results: 3-Bemidji 10:34.57

High jump: 1-Miller (Alex) 5-2. Bemidji's top-15 results: 6-Rickert 4-8; 10-Chadwick 4-8; 15-Willford 4-6

Pole vault: 1-Hickman (Bem) 9-0. Other Bemidji: 10-Osborn 8-0

Long jump: 1-Keefer (SM) 16-8.75. Bemidji's top-15 results: 3-Wall 15-8.5

Triple jump: 1-Autio (SM) 37-6.75. Bemidji's top-15 results: None

Shot put: 1-Akube (SCT) 35-7.5. Bemidji's top-15 results: None

Discus: 1-Balster (Bra) 117-4. Bemidji's top-15 results: None

Boys Division

Brainerd 838.5, Moorhead 823.5, St. Michael 788.5, Monticello 787, Buffal0 678, Alexandria 661, Bemidji 529.5, St. Cloud Tech 487, Sauk Rapids 357

100: 1-Andersen (Moor) 11.44. Bemidji's top-15 results: 8-Johnson 11.94

200: 1-S.Johnson (Mont) 23.15. Bemidji's top-15 results: 9-Johnson 24.10

400: 1-Lawrence (Moor) 49.45. Bemidji's top-15 results: 8-Nelson 54.0; 15-Gubbels 55.61

800: 1-Tracy (SM) 1:59.53. Bemidji's top-15 results: 2-Carlson 1:59.65; 9-Nelson 2:07.11; 12-Christofferson 2:09.59

1600: 1-Carlson (Bem) 4:25.04. Other Bemidji: 14-Freyholtz 4:55.65

3200: 1-Cayo (SM) 9:56.38. Bemidji's top-15 results: 3-Appleton 10:19.74; 12-Freyholtz 10:36.54

110 hurdles: 1-Grathwohl (Mont) 15.86. Bemidji's top-15 results: None

300 hurdles: 1-Peck (Alex) 40.48. Bemidji's top-15 results: 5-Gubbels 42.99

4x100: 1-Moorhead 44.76. Bemidji's top-15 results: DQ-Bemidji

4x200: 1-Moorhead 1;34.32. Bemidji's top-15 results: DQ-Bemidji

4x400: 1-Brainerd 3:27.58. Bemidji's top-15 results: 5-Bemidji 3:35.40

4x800: 1-Moorhead 8:28.98. Bemidji's top-15 results: 7-Bemidji 8:54.75

High jump: 1-Weston (SM) 6-6. Bemidji's top-15 results: 7-Anderson 5-10

Pole vault: 1-Weidrich (Moor) 13-0. Bemidji's top-15 results: 14-Steffes 10-0

Lon gjump: 1-Smith (Bra) 20-6. Bemidji's top-15 results: 11-Hatfield 18-9.5; 15-Gubbels 18-0.25

Triple jump: 1-Smith (Bra) 43-3.5. Bemidji's top-15 results: 12-Schussman 38-3

Shot put: 1-Steidl (Alex) 49-4. Bemidji's top-15 results: 15-Cobble 40-2.5

Discus: 1-Guetter (Alex) 158-11. Bemidji's top-15 results: None

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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