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Girls, boys teams take titles at Little Amik indoor meet

Bemidji's Allie Heifort won the discus at Tuesday's Little Amik meet with a toss of 117-6. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer1 / 2
Bemidji was among the leaders with two of its 4x800 relay teams. Pictured above, Cody Freyholtz, left, hands off to Sam Carlson and Jake Letson takes the hand-off from Billy Freyholtz. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer2 / 2

Bemidji's boys and girls teams swept the Little Amik meet Tuesday at the Gillett Recreation-Fitness Center.

The boys took first with 99 points and the girls finished with 102. Pillager was the closest competitor in the boys division with 85 points and Park Rapids Area took second for the girls with 65.4285 points.

"It is nice to see our team place first," Bemidji girls coach Chris Lehman said. "It is good for the team's morale to get wins early in the season."

Freshman Ellen Wall had a memorable day by turning in personal records in the 400, the high jump and the long jump. She took second in the long jump and the 400 and was sixth in the high jump.

Allie Heifort took first in the discus with a distance of 117-6. She also finished 10th in the shot put.

Amber Peterson earned the win in the pole vault with a height of 8-6.

Bemidji dominated the 800 with three of the top four finishers. Jenna Truedson took first with a time if 2:21.67, Megan Serratore followed right behind with a time of 2:31.89 and Dani Gronhovd finished fourth at 2:32.92.

Bemidji also had a strong showing in the relays, finishing in the top three in each.

It won the 4x400 with a time of 4:18.85, took second in the 4x800 with a time of 10:19.09, and 1:57.56 was good enough for third in the 4x200.

The boys also had strong performances in the relays. They won the 4x200 with a time of 1:36.67 and took second and third in both the 4x400 and 4x800.

Bemidji's distance runners stole the show in the 3200 as well. Sam Carlson won with 10:25.22 and Dan Clemenson finished right behind with a time of 10:27.22.

Tanner Phillips won the 60 meter hurdles for Bemidji with a time of 9.30.

Deidre Hahn of Warroad, and Wesley DeLong of Pillager were the individual MVPs of the meet. Hahn won both the 60 and 200 meter dash. DeLong won the longjump and also anchored both the 4x400 and 4x800 relays.

Both coaches said that winning indoor meets is nice but winning is more important in the smaller outdoor meets.

"We don't really look too closely at total points until it is two-team events," Lehman said. "It's still nice to come out and see where we are at as a team."

"We don't necessarily shoot for wins in indoor meets," Bemidji boys coach Steve Sneide said. "We wanted to use this meet as a tune up for next week. It was a nice opportunity to have the kids compete for spots."

Both the boys and girls teams will return to action in an outdoor meet March 13 in Moorhead.

"It will be nice to get outside," Lehman said. "The hurdlers and sprinters can run longer distances, so it is always nice to get more events in."

"Being indoors isn't the most fun," Sneide said. "Once you move outside you can see more events and we should see some pretty good times because Moorhead's track is really fast."

Little Amik

Girls Division

Bemidji 102, Park Rapids 65.43, Warroad 62.43, Int. Falls 58.43, Mesabi East 44.5, Roseau 41.43, BGMR 32.5, TRF 28.5, EGF 28, Crookston 26.43, West Marshall 26.43, Bagley-Fosston 25, United North Central 17.5, New York Mills 12, WHA 11, Wadena-DC 9, RLCC 8, Pillager 7.43, Clearbrook-Gonvick 5, Frazee 2, Trek North 3, Bigfork 3, Pine River 2, Northome-Kelliher-Blackduck 1, Nevis 1

60 hurdles: 1-Biermaier (TRF) 9.88. Bemidji's results: 2-Carey 10.50; 7-Hendricks 10.89; 8-Laakso 10.93

4x800: 1-Park Rapids 10:14.50. Bemidji's result: 2-Bemidji 10:19.09. BF result: 11-BF 11:09.98. NKB result: 12-NKB 11:11.49

60 dash: 1-Hahn (Warroad) 8.21. BF result: 10-Cosca 8.72

400: 1-Korvela (United North) 1:01.17. Bemidji's results: 2-Wall 1:01.39; 10-Peterson 1:08.82; 16-J.Truedson 1:10.94. BF result: 26-Huschle 1:12.50

1600: 1-Fast (Warroad) 5:43.32. Bemidji's results: 15-Smith 6:21.23; 17-Erdman 6:36.34. Trek North result: 6-Hamrin 6:00.58. BF results: 8-Carlson 6:07.81; 25-Ziermeier 7:10.28

4:200: 1-Bagley-Fosston 1:56.29. Bemidji's result: 3-Bemidji 1:57.76. Other Bagley-Fosston: 21-BF 2:11.09. NKB result: 29-NKB 2:25.54

800: 1-J.Truedson (Bem) 2:21.67. Other Bemidji: 2-Serratore 2:31.89; 4-Gronhovd 2:32.92; 25-Smith 2:54.61. NKB result: 8-Mills 2:36.01. Trek North result: 19-Hamrin 2:47.51. BF result: 28-Kuznetsov 2:58.27

200: 1-Hahn (Warroad) 27.64. Bemidji's results: 9-Bardwell 29.39; 23-Laakso 30.92. BF results: 7-Olson 29.01; 19-Pemberton 30.74

High jump: 1-Hahn (Warroad) 5-0. Bemidji's results: 6-Wall 4-8; 10-Chadwick 4-6; 16-Oakes 4-4. BF result: 5-Olson 4-8. NKB results: 16-Lutz 4-4; 28-Heck 4-0

Pole vault: 1-Peterson (Bem) 8-6. BF results: 4-Balstad 8-0; 12-Berntson 7-0

Long jump: 1-Allen (Mesabi East) 16-1.25. Bemidji's result: 2-Wall 15-8. BF results; 7-Cosca 14-1; 8-George 13-11; 10-Merschman 13-8; 17-Pemberton 13-0.25

Triple jump: 1-Klingenberg (Park Rapids) 31-5. BF results: 25-Albright 26-8.25; 30-Molitor 25-4.5

Shot put: 1-Solheim (Crook) 38-2.5. Bemidji's results: 5-Johnson 31-10.5; 10-Heifort 29-3.5. NKB result: 16-Carrigan 28-0

Discus: 1-Heifort (Bem) 117-6. Other Bemidji: 8-Johnson 82-11

3200: 1-Huglen (Roseau) 12:01.16. Trek North result: 18-Fulton 16:18.54

4x400: 1-Bemidji 4:18.85. BF result: 10-BF 4:45.12

Boys Division

Bemidji 99, Pillager 85, Roseau 74, TRF 50.5, Warroad 30, Northome-Kelliher-Blackduck 28, Frazee 27, EGF 26, Crookston 25, West Marshall 24.5, Ada-Borup 18, Deer River 17.5, Nevis 16.5, Park Rapids 16, BGMR 15, Mesabi East 12, Wadena-DC 12, Int. Falls 12, Greenway 10, UNC 9, RLCC 7, Bagley-Fosston 4

200: Hutton (TRF) 23.64. Bemidji's results: 4-Wall 24.66; 19-Gast 25.92; 29-Annette 26.55. BF results: 10-Thorson 25.38; 26-Ubert 26.33. Trek North result: 28-Justus 26.53

4x800: 1-Pillager 8:37.91. Bemidji's results: 2-Bemidji 8:41.15; 3-Bemidji 8:47.94. NKB result: 6-NKB 9:10.64. BF result: 10-BG 9:32.50

60 hurdles: 1-Phillips (Bem) 9.3. Other Bemidji: 6-Gubbels10.47. BF result: 98-Bodi 10.64

60 dash: 1-Finseth (TRF) 7.48. Bemidji's results: 6-Wall 7.63; 7-Moore 7.64; 10-McCray 7.84. BF result; 9-Thorson 7.69

400: 1-Delong (Pil) 53.53. Bemidji's results: 3-Letson 55.55; 17-Gast 1:00.12; 26-Gilmore 1:02.35. NKB result: 2-Shaughnesy 55.46

1600: 1-Schuldt (Nevis) 4:41.3. Bemidji's results: 2-Neubeck 4:51.72; 7-Nelson 5:02.45; 8-B.FReyholtz 5:09.15; 25-Swanson 5:51.48. NKB result: 4-Schneider 4:56.32. Trek North result: 28-Schlichting 6:03.19. BF result: 27-Bode 5:53.86

4x200: 1-Bemidji 1:36.67. Other Bemidji: 7-Bemidji 1:43.72. BF result: 10-BF 1:45.97

800: 1-Hendrickson (Bem) 2:08.89. Other Bemidji: 15-C.Freyholtz 2:22.87; 18-Rassler 2:24.34; 28-Wagner 2:31.54. BF results: 10-Zuschke 2:18.18; 26-Bodi 2:29.25

3200: 1-Carlson (Bem) 10:25.22. Other Bemidji: 2-Clemenson 10:27.22. BF result: 5-Davies 10:37.38. NKB result: 8-Strand 11:46.90

4x400: 1-Pillager 3:41.78. Bemidjis results: 2-Bemidji 3:43.03; 3-Bemidji 3:43.85. NKB result: 5-NKB 3:58.78

High jump: 1-Eastman (Ros) 6-4. Bemidji's results: 12-McCray 5-6; 13-Anderson 5-3; 21-Dickinson 5-0. NKB result: 3-Shaughnesy 5-8. BF-results: 21-Nelson 5-0; 21-Bodi 5-0

Pole vault: 1-Drotts (Deer River) 13-6. Bemidji's results: 10-Steffes 10-0; 24-Rogers 7-0

Long jump: 1-Delong (Pil) 20-1. Bemidji's results: 4-Schmidt 18-6; 15-Annette 17-3; 24-Wall 16-4; 25-Sauer 16-3; 27-Anderson 16-1.25. BF result: 25-Cage 16-3

Triple jump: 1-Eastman (Ros) 40-7. Bemidji's results: 15-Nelson 34-0; 17-Anderson 33-9. NKB results: 13-Williams 35-11; 16-Schmid 33-9.5. BF results: 22-Peterson 33-1; 24-Paulson 31-7; 25-Larson 30-11; 26-Beckstrand 30-10.5

Shot put: 1-Meyer (WDC) 50-9. Bemidji's results: 16-Roy 39-1.5; 22-Johnson 37-0; 25-Street 36-9; 29-Deer 36-2; 30-Breeze 35-2. NKB results: 21-Pierson 37-3; 24-Eckstrom 36-9.5

Discus: 1-Blasey (Ada) 146-5. NKB result: 15-Pierson 101-11