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TRACK: Jacks compete in first outoor meet this season

MOORHEAD — After spending most of the first month of the spring season practicing and competing indoors, the Bemidji High School track teams finally got some fresh outdoor air this week.

All of that culminated in the Moorhead Athletic Association Invitational meet held Friday afternoon at Concordia College in Moorhead.

And the Jacks, despite being worked hard by the BHS coaching staff during the last few days, responded well.

The BHS girls team finished second out of nine teams while the boys took seventh out of ten — all of the teams bigger schools than the Lumberjacks had been racing against at the indoor meets they hosted earlier this month at Bemidji State.

“We worked them hard this week,” BHS boys coach Steve Sneide said. “This meet was sort of another training meet but it was a good indicator for where we’re at and where we need to be against schools that are closer to our size.”

In addition to five of the bigger schools in Fargo — Fargo Davies won the boys meet and West Fargo won the girls meet — other teams in Friday’s meet included hosts Moorhead as well as Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes and Alexandria.

“They trained hard since this was the first time we’ve been able to be outside,” BHS girls head coach Chris Lehman said. “We loaded the kids up with the max number of events and almost everybody did well in their races and events.”

Among those who ran especially well was Jenna Truedson. She took first in the mile with a time of 5 minutes, 1.81 seconds, setting a meet record in the process.

Truedson was also a member of Bemidji’s 400-meter relay team that took first place at 4:06.86 — winning by almost three seconds. Also on the team was Maea Wall, Megan Serratore and Amy Carey.

Wall took first place in both the open 400 (at 59.49 seconds) and the 200 (26.70). Serratore placed third in the 800 at 2:25.9.

Atomic Thorson also had a good day, placing second in the 3,200 at 12:06.37.

In the boys meet, the Lumberjacks didn’t have as many point scorers but had a number of first-place finishers.

The 800-meter relay team of Payton Christofferson, Caleb Appleton, Gunnar Nelson and Sam Carlson won handily, with a time of 8:16.02. That qualified them for the Hamline Invitational later this season.

Carlson also took first in the open 800 at 1:59.99.

In the 400-meter relay, the Lumberjacks took second place at 3:35.92. Carlson, along with Nelson, Logan Hatfield and Alex Vollen, was on that team.

“The times were pretty close across the board,” Sneide said. “All the teams were pretty close. It was a good race.”

The Lumberjacks are set to return to the track next Thursday when they’ll run in the BSU Relays at the Bemidji High School track.

Moorhead Athletic Association Invitational

Concordia College

Boys Meet

Team Results

Fargo Davies 133.5; Moorhead 103; Fargo South 83; West Fargo 80.5; Fargo Shanley 70; Alexandria 64.5; Bemidji 60; Detroit Lakes 45.5; Fargo North 39; Fergus Falls 23

Individual reaults:

4x800: 1-Bemidji A (Christofferson, Appleton, Nelson, Carlson), 8:16.02.

110 Hurdles: 1-Asa (West Fargo) 15.53. Bemidji results: 6-Phillips, 16.52; 7-Gubbels, 16.83. 20-Morrollo, 20.30. 21-Peterson, 20.53.

100: 1- Andersen (Moorhead), 11.29. Bemidji results: 14-Johnson, 12.08; 15-Annettem 12.15; 25- Bakke, 13.73

4x200: 1-Fargo South A (Kromah, Rheault, Siaway, Johannessen), 1:32.99. Bemidji results: 5-BHS A (Annette, Vollen, Hatfield, Gubbels), 1:36.63.

1,600: 1-Kottsick (Davies), 4:28.34. Bemidji results: 17-Berg, 5:00.36.

4x100: 1-Moorhead A 44.23. Bemidji results: 11-Bemidji A 48.07.

400: 1-Lawrence (Moorhead) 48.94. Bemidji results: 6-Volleni, 54.19; 11-Johnson 55.18; 12-Hatfield 55.27; 15-Christofferson, 55.81.

300 Hurdles: 1-Peck (Alexandria), 40.38. Bemidji results: 6-Gubbels, 43.28; 14-Phillips, 45.75. 22-Peterson, 48.70; 24-Morrollo, 49.57.

800: 1- Carlson (Bemidji), 1:59.99. Other Bemidji: 4-Nelsoni, 2:06.53. 9-Appleton, 2:10.64; 16-Milksseth, 2:16.00.

200: 1-Scarberry (Davies), 22.70. Bemidji results: 12-Schussman, 24.53; 14-Johnson, 24.59; 18-Annette, 24.98; 27-Hulsebus, 26.22.

3,200: 1-Danielson (FF), 9:47.95. Bemidji results: 7-Freyholtz, 10:30.09; 18-Youso, 11:12.94; 19-Carlson, 11:13.87.

4x400: 1-Moorhead A (Lillehaugen, Shastri, Lawrence, Young), 3:32.93. Bemidji results: 2-Bemidji A (Hatfield, Nelson, Vollen, Carlson), 3:35.92.

High Jump: 1-Bates (Davies) 6-01. Bemidji results: 5-Farris, J5-10; 8-Phillips, J5-08; 8-Anderson, J5-08. 10,

Pole Vault: 1-Welk (Davies), 14-00. Bemidji results: No finishers.

Long Jump: 1-Bruckbauer (Shanley), 20-08. Bemidji results: 15-Hatfield, 18-05; 16-Gubbels, 18-04

Triple Jump: 1-Bruckbauer (Shanley), 44-03. Bemidji results: 6-Dickinson, 38-02.50; 8-Vollen, 37-05; 11-Farris, 36-07.50; 14-Schussman, 35-06.50.

Discus: 1-Feeney (Davies), 141-01. Bemidji results: 17-Flaherty, 109-03; 26-Krotzer, 99-01.

Shot Put: 1-Talley (West Fargo), 50-07. Bemidji results: 13-Cobble, 41-07; 28-Bellefy, 37-02; 30-Johnson, 36-09. 31-Wilander, 36-08.

Girls Meet

Team Results

West Fargo 135.5; Bemidji 94; Moorhead 89.5; Alexandria 87; Detroit Lakes 82; Fargo Shanley 65.5; Fargo North 60.5; Fergus Falls 4; Fargo South 42

Individual results

4x800: 1-Moorhead A (Kelly, Hauf, Johnson, Selberg), 9:48.21. Bemidji results:4-Bemidji A (Laakso, Serratore, Gislason, Hamrin), 10:11.29.

100 Hurdles: 1-Sand (West Fargo), 16.71. Bemidji results: 4-Carey, 17.00; 6- Henderickson, 18.02; 19-Maki, 20.00.

100: 1-Johnson (Alex) 12.39. Bemidji results: 14-Falldorf, 14.02; 21-Yang, 14.83; 25-King, 15.32.

4x200: 1-Detroit Lakes A (Johnson, Berg, Halbakken, Heinecke), 1:47.73. Bemidji results: 5-Bemidji A (Shanfeld, Greendahl, Henderickson, Rickert), 1:56.33.

1,600: 1-Truedson (Bemidji), 5:01.81. Other Bemidji: 15-Gislason, 6:03.94; 22-Sagedahl, 6:43.01.

4x100: 1-Alexandria A (Betterman, Bowden, Urman, Johnson), 49.31. Bemidji results: 8-Bemidji A (Falldorf, Langerak, Yang, Rickert), 56.09.

400: 1-Wall (Bemidji), 59.49. Other Bemidji: 8-Willford, 1:07.53; 16-Mills, 1:10.92; 21-King, 1:12.67.

300 Hurdles: 1-Johnson (Moorhead), 46.60. Bemidji results: 5-Laakso, 51.07; 10-Carey, 52.63; 13-Henderickson, 54.21; 22-Maki, 1:00.67.

800: 1-Selberg (Moorhead), 2:21.36. Bemidji results: 3-Serratore, 2:25.90; 7-Hamrin, 2:35.09; 15-Willford, 2:41.75.

200: 1-Wall (Bemidji), 26.70. Bemidji results: 12-Shanfeld, 29.65; 19-Langerak, 30.29; 26-Mills, 31.90.

3,200: 1-Dufne (West Fargo), 11:50.70. Bemidji results: 2-Thorson, 12:06.17; 18-Smith, 14:56.69.

4x400: 1-Bemidji A (Carey, Serratore, Truedson, Wall), 4:06.86.

High Jump: 1-Berg (DL), 5-03. Bemidji results: 7-Falldorf, 4-08; 15-Chadwicki, 4-06; 15-Willford, 4-06; 17-Rickert, 4-04.

Pole Vault: 1-Wiederholt (West Fargo), 8-06.Bemidji results: 3- Hickman, 8-00; 4-Osborn, J7-00.

Long Jump: 1-Rasmusson (FF), 16-05.50. Bemidji results: 3-Walli, 16-01.50; 15-Carey, 13-11; 21-Greendahl, 13-06; 27-Shanfeld, 13-01.50.

Triple Jump: 1-Rasmusson (FF), 36-01.25. Bemidji results: 17-Chadwick, 28-10; 20-Greendahl, 27-11; 21-Mills, 27-06.25.

Discus: 1-Nielsen (DL), 114-05. Bemidji results: 16-Littlewolf, 74-05; 23-Colligan, 66-00.

Shot Put: 1-Nielsen (DL), 41-04. Bemidji results 17-Colligan, 28-01; 23-Littlewolf, 25-09; 30-Defatte, 22-11; 32, Goose, 20-03.

Jack Hittinger

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