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Bemidji gymnasts post best score of season

A week away from competition and a few suggestions from a judge combined to carry the Bemidji gymnastics team to its best performance of the winter Saturday when the Lumberjacks squared off against Little Falls at the Gym Bin.

Bemidji's previous high-water mark was 131.5 at the Alexandria Quadrangular on Jan. 14 but Saturday the Lumberjacks reached 132.275. Little Falls was just a little bit better, however, as the Flyers scored 133.950.

"One of the area judges visited us last week and made some suggestions as to how we could improve," said BHS coach Don Papreck. "The judge showed us how to connect parts of a routine to get the best score. The kids paid attention and you could see Saturday that they made the adjustments."

Among those who appeared to benefit from the judge's visit was Katie Jensen who scored 9.05 on the vault and established a personal season's best All-Around score of 34.575.

"This was the first time we broke into the 9s on the vault," Papreck said. "Katie had a very nice day."

Jess Bergquist and Brooke Beck also performed well Saturday as they finished 3-4 in the All-Around. Bergquist tallied 33.20 while Beck earned a 32.1 score.

Jensen was second on the vault while Alyshia Moe placed third (8.9) and Bergquist fourth (8.8). Jensen also led the Jacks on the bars with a third-place score of 8.3 and she also placed third on the beam (8.725).

Bergquist was second on the floor (8.85) while Jensen was third (8.5) and Beck fourth (8.4). Bergquist also captured the beam (8.85).

"I'm very pleased with how we performed Saturday," Papreck said. "We may have a small team but the kids are talented and are very nice people to coach."

Bemidji returns to action Monday when it hosts Perham at the Gym Bin. The junior varsity competition is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. while the varsity meet is expected to start around 6:30 p.m.

Perham is one of the better teams in northern Minnesota and has reached a team score of 151.0 this season.

Little Falls 133.950, Bemidji 132.275

Vault: Bemidji 35.3, Little Falls 34.5. 1-Leblanc (LF) 9.1. Bemidji's results: 2-Jensen 9.05; 3-Moe 8.9; 4-8.8; 6-Beck 8.55; 8-Anderson 8.35

Bars: Little Falls 32.55, Bemidji 30.10. 1-Leblanc (LF) 8.95. Bemidji's results: 3-Jensen 8.3, 7-Erickson 7.650, 6-Beck 7.45, 9-Bergquist 6.7, 10-Moe 5.75

Beam: Little Falls 33.4, Bemidji 33.175. 1-1-Bergquist (B) 8.85. Other Bemidji: 3-Jensen 8.725, 6-Moe 7.9, 8-Beck 7.7, 10-Anderson 6.85

Floor: Bemidji 33.7, Little Falls 33.5. 1-Leblanc (LF) 9.375. Bemidji's results: 2-Bergquist 8.85, 3-Jensen 8.5, 4-Beck 8.4, 7-Moe 7.95, 10-Erickson 6.9

All-Around: 1-Leblanc (LF) 36.175. Bemidji's results: 2-Jensen 34.575, 3-Bergquist 32.2, 4-Beck 32.1, 6-Moe 30.5

Junior Varsity

Little Falls 107.9, Bemidji 24.55

Bemidji's results

Vault: 2-Erickson 8.0

Beam: 2-Erickson 7.3, Stedge 4.7

Floor: 7-Stedje 4.85

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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