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TRACK: BHS making progress during second indoor meet

Bemidji’s Megan Serratore, center, ran the first leg in the start of the 800-meter relay event at the Paul Bunyan track meet on Tuesday afternoon at BSU. BHS took second in the race with a time of 10 minutes, 07.89 seconds. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer1 / 3
Bemidji senior Will Annette, right, runs a heat in the 60-meter dash at the Paul Bunyan track meet Tuesday at BSU. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer2 / 3
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BEMIDJI — Running their second track meet indoors in four days, the Bemidji High School track and field teams are still working out the kinks.

The Lumberjack boys and girls teams both took second place in the Paul Bunyan Classic Tuesday night at BSU’s Gillett Fitness and Recreation Center.

“We’re still sort of considering the indoor season a preseason right now,” BHS girls head coach Chris Lehman said. “But right now our times are already where they were at last year, so that’s encouraging.”

Both Lumberjack teams won the Lions Invitational Saturday afternoon at BSU, but on Tuesday with more competition it was Grand Forks Red River that swept the competition, with BHS coming in second.

In the girls meet Red River scored 100.5 points to take first while BHS had 91 points for second.

For the boys, Red River dominated, scoring 136.5 points for first place. BHS was second 71.

On Tuesday the boys won just one event — the 200-meter dash, with a time of 1 minute, 39.62 seconds.

But head coach Steve Sneide said he wasn’t as concerned with the results.

“The biggest thing with our team is, it looks like we have a lot more depth this year,” BHS boys coach Steve Sneide said.

“Our field events are much improved.

“It looks like our new kids in general are competing very well.”

Sneide pointed to Kade Johnson, who took second place in the 60-meter dash and fourth in the shotput in just his second meet for the Lumberjacks, as an example of how well the newcomers are coming along so far.

“We’re scoring some points in events we haven’t been used to scoring points in,” Sneide said. “So that’s a good thing for us early in the season.”

For the girls, Maea Wall won the long jump at 16 feet, 8 inches while the 400-meter relay team took first with a time of 4:17.30.

Lehman said Tuesday he was more concentrated on speed — everybody ran the 400 and 800 — and he also wasn’t as concerned with scores as much as he was with how the team was pacing itself.

“The big thing is we’re healthy right now,” he said. “Last year we were a litle banged-up but now we have a full team.

“We’ve also got a lot of depth this year and we have just one senior on the team. We’re looking forward to the season progresses.”

The Lumberjacks return indoors next week when they’ll run in the Little Amik meet next

Paul Bunyan Classic

BSU Gillett Fitness and Recreation Center


Girls Race

Team Results

1-Grand Forks Red River 109.5; 2-Bemidji 91; 3-International Falls 65.5; t4-Grand Forks Central 50; t4-Grand Rapids 50; 6-Park Rapids 36; 7-Bagley-Fosston 26;8-Roseau 26; 9-Thief River Falls 22; 10-Pequot Lakes 22; 11-Wadena-Deer Creek 14.5; 12-Perham 14; 13-East Grand Forks 11; 14-Crookston 10; 15-Deer River/Northland 8; 15-Staples-Motley 8; 17-Nevis-7; Bigfork 4.

Individual Results

60: 1-Rone (Red River), 8.16. Area results: 6-Falldorf (BHS), 8.64; 7-Olson (Bagley), 6.68.

200: 1-Rone (Red River), 26.46/ Area Results: 17-Shanfield (BHS), 30.18; 28-Curfman (Bagley) 30.69; 30-Falldorf (BHS) 31.03; 31-Langerak (BHS) 30.16; 45-King (BHS) 32.16; 48-Lyons (BHS) 32.34; 70-Olson (TrekNorth) 33.96;

400: 1-Rone (Red River) 1:00.47. Area results: 2-Truedson (BHS) 1:01.44; 5-Serratore (BHS) 1:04.51; 7-Ar.Gislason (BHS) 1:07.07; 11-Hamrin (BHS) 1:07.47; 14-An.Gisalson (BHS) 1:09.24; 18-Mills (BHS) 1:10.87; 28-Freyholtz (BHS) 1:15.35; 37-Olson (TrekNorth) 1:16.83; 53-Keller (Bagley) 1:20.69; 64-Nagle (BHS); 1:28.20; 66-Griggs (BHS) 1:29.27; 67-Kohler-Wilson (BHS) 1:31.28.

800: 1-Allen (GR) 2:27.10. Area results: 4-Laakso (BHS) 2:36.98; 6-A.Thorson (BHS) 2:38.99; 21-Smith (BHS) 2:58.48; 22-Sagedahl (BHS) 2:59.48; 25-Freyholtz (BHS) 3:02.63; 34-Griggs (BHS) 3:19.04; 38-Munter (Bagley) 3:20.37; 43-Nagle (BHS) 3:38.78.

1,600. 1-Ackley (GF Central) 5:25.25. Area results: 30-Johnson (Bagley) 7:00.57.

3,200: 1-Ackley (GF Central) 11:47.75. Area results: 5-Moen (Bagley) 13:14.61; 10-Okseson (Bagley) 13:40.41; 13-Swanson (Bagley) 13:57.72.

60 hurdles: 1-Biermaier (TRF) 9.77. Area results: 3-Laskso (BHS) 10.19; 5-Carey (BHS) 10.51; 7-Hendrickson (BHS) 10.82; 10-Albright (Bagley) 11.00.

4x200 relay: 1-Red River 1:52.84. Area results: 2-Bemidji A 1:55.74; 5-Bagley A 1:58.62; 12-Bagley B 2:01.84; 19-Bemidji B 2:07.26; 20-Bemidji C 2:07.47.

4x400 relay: 1-Bemidji A 4:17.30. Other area results: 4-Bemidji B 4:19.36; 11-Bagley A 4:46.15; 15-Bemidji C 5:01.77.

4x800 relay: 1-Grand Rapids A 1:04.13. Area results: 2-Bemidji A 10:07.89; 6-Bemidji B 11:07.41; 12-Bagley A 12:07.65.

High Jump: 1-Arason (Red River) 5-4. Area results: t2-Olson (Bagley) 5-0; t-2 Falldorf (BHS) 5-0; 4-Swanson (Bagley) 4-8; 11-Chadwick (BHS) 4-6; 11-Rickert (BHS) 4-6; 17-Willford (BHS) 4-3.

Pole Vault: 1-Finney (GF Central) 9-0. Area results: 2-Balstad (Bagley) 8-6; 10-Osborn (BHS) 7-0.

Long Jump: 1-Wall (BHS) 16-9. Other area results: 14-Albright (Bagley) 14-0; 18-Huschle (Bagley) 13-9.5; 20-Langerak (BHS) 13-05.5; 26-Shenfield (BHS) 13-0; 30-Yang (BHS) 12-9; 33-King (BHS) 12-06.7; 38-Olson (TrekNorth) 12-03.75; 41-Shanfield (BHS) 11-09.75.

Triple Jump: 1-Glenn (GF Red River) 33-05.00. Area results: 5-Albright (Bagley) 30-06.00; 7-Chadwick (BHS) 29-10.5; 10-Greendahl (BHS) 29-04.00; 15-Mills (BHS) 28-04.00; 27-Medland (BHS) 24-10.5; 30-Thompson (BHS) 21-10.5.

Shot Put: 1-Olson (IF) 38-00.25. Area reults: 8-Littlewolf (BHS) 31-04.00; 25-Defatte (BHS) 25-07.5; 30-Annett (BHS) 27.5; 39-Fischer (Bagley) 22-09.00.

Boys Race

Team Results

1-Grand Forks Red River 136.5; 2-Bemidji 71; 3-Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 65; 4-Perham 60; 5-Grand Forks Central 52; 6-Pequot Lakes 37; 7-East Grand Forks 33.3; 8-Park Rapids 29; 9-Bagley/Fosston 24; 10-Roseau 21; 11-Crookston 17; 12-Nevis 12; 13-Wadena-Deer Creek 9; 14-Walker-Hackensack-Akeley 6; 17-International Falls 5.5; 16-Thief River Falls 5; 17-Bigfork 1; 18-Staples-Motley 0.5

Individual Results

60: 1-Krigstad (GF Red River) 7.36. Area results: 2-Johnson (BHS) 7.45; 4-Gubbels (BHS) 7.53; 6-Annette (BHS) 7.55.

200: 1-Carlson (PR) 24.45. Area results: 5-Cage (Bagley) 24.72; 7-Nelson (BHS) 24.96; 23-Peterson (Bagley) 26.40; 28-Bush (BHS) 26.67; 32-Gilbert (BHS) 26.77; 22-Hulsebus (BHS) 26.79; 42-Snell (BHS) 27.22; 54-Bedeau (BHS) 28.03; 64-Wight (BHS) 28.74; 65-Thorson (Bagley) 28.83; 66-Peterson (BHS) 29.03; 68-Binkert (BHS) 29.05; 78-Mitchell (BHS) 29.71.

400: 1-Carlson (PR) 54.47. Area results: 20-Iaquinito (BHS) 1:00.13; 38-Snell (BHS) 1:04.33; 39-Matsen (TrekNorth) 1:04.53; 45-Johnson (Bagley) 1:05.65; 50-Carlson (BHS) 1:07.65; 51-Swanson (BHS) 1:07.68; 59-Morey (Bagley) 1:13.01; 60-Sjoblom (Bagley) 1:14.47; 61-Fredrickson (TrekNorth) 1:17.54.

800: 1-Hurley (Perham) 2:06.29. Area results: 7-Freyholtz (BHS) 2:17.18; 9-Mykleseth (BHS) 2:20.654; 11-Youso (BHS) 2:21.56; 20-Berg (BHS) 2:28.33; 22-Roser (BHS) 2:28.49; 31-Carlson (BHS) 2:33.73; 35-Straw (BHS) 2:39.03; 39-Rietveld (BHS) 2:43.15; 50-Swanson (BHS) 2:54.05; 55-Watts (TrekNorth) 3:00.42.

1600: 1-Hurley (Perham) 4:20.81. Area results: 16-Nelson (Bagley) 5:21.32; 32-Holeman (TrekNorth) 5:57.60; 51-Esparza (TrekNorth) 6:48.31.

3200: 1-Roehl (GF Central) 9:56.63. Area results: 11-Stai (Bagley) 11:40.45.

60 hurdles: 1-Enerson (GF Red River) 8.59. Area results: 3-Phillips (BHS) 9.04l 4-Gubbels (BHS) 9.05; 14-Bode (Bagley) 10.31.

2x200 relay: 1-Bemidji A 1:39.62. Other area results: 4-Bagley A 1:41.57; 15-Bemidji B 1:48.03.

4x400 relay: 1-East Grand Forks 2:44.42. Area Results: 4-Bemidji A3:50.64; 9-Bagley-Fosston 3:58.67; 14-Bemidji B, 4:04.50; 19-Bemidji C 4:14.31.

4x800 relay: 1-Dilworth A 8:53.12. Area results: 2-Bemidji A 9:00.98; 6-Bagley A 9:19.88; 10-Bemidji B 9:47.35.

High Jump: 1-Tollefson (Dilworth) 6-04.00. Area results: 4-Anderson (BHS) 5-08.00; 4-Phillips (BHS) 5-08.00; 9-Nelson (Bagley) 5-08.00; 11-Farris (BHS) 5-06.00; 16-Bush (BHS) 5-03.00; 26-Grospe (BHS) 5-00.00; 26-Johnson (Bagley) 5-00.00.

Pole Vault: 1-Tappe (Pequot) 14-00. Area results: 13-Steffes (BHS) 9-00.00; 16-Olson (Bagley) 8-06.00.

Long Jump: 1-Safranski (Dilworth) 19-04.00. Area results: 3-Cage (Bagley) 18-09.5; 6-Gubbels (BHS) 18-07.5; 10-Farris (BHS) 17-11.00; 11-Anderson (BHS) 17-10.00; 15-Schussman (BHS) 17-05.00; 23-Yartz (BHS) 16-09.5; 27-Snell (BHS) 16-06.00; 38-Thorson (Bagley) 15-10.00; 55-Snobl (Bagley) 13-10.00.

Triple Jump: 1-Buckholz (Perham) 42-09.00. Area results: 3-Vollen (BHS) 39-05.5; 5-Larson (Bagley) 38-11.5; 8-Schussman (BHS) 37-01.50; 9-Dickenson (BHS) 36-11.50; 10-Farris (BHS) 36-08.00; 16-Peterson (Bagley) 33-11.00; 23-Mitchell (BHS) 30-10.00.

Shot Put: 1-Jacobson (Pequot) 49-08.5. Area results: 13-Johnson (BHS) 41-00.5; 40-11.5 Cobble (BHS) 40-11.5; 23-Wilander (BHS) 38.00; 24-Bellefy (BHS) 26-07.00.

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