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Beck, Rabe, Kobe and Matthews inducted Sunday

Darrin Lawler was a first- time winner in the Mod 4 class Sunday night at the Bemidji Speedway. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

It was a special night at Bemidji Speedway Sunday night as the track honored some of its own with four new inductions into the Bemidji Speedway Hall of Fame.

Ken Beck, Bud Rabe, Jim Kobe and Donnie Matthews were added to the hall.

Along with the Hall of Fame induction, kids had a chance to go onto the track and meet their favorite drivers and collect autographs.

Next Sunday the track will host Beaver Pride night with card holders admitted at a discount.

The Bemidji Streets return for their final race of the regular season.

Pure Stocks

Kevin Percovich and Wade Schmidt led the 10 car Pure Stock feature to the green flag with Percovich taking the lead followed by Dalton Carlson, Bill Chaboyea and Schmidt.

The first caution flag was waved for a stall in the number three corner sending Barry Isensee to the tail of the field.

The race was resumed with Chaboyea using the first turn to race low and pass Carlson for second. Chaboyea charged up bumper to bumper with the leader Percovich but could not make the final pass as Percovich picked up his first feature win at Bemidji. Chaboyea, Carlson, Schmidt and Damien Thunder made up the top five finishers.

Mini Stocks

Following some early cautions and restarts the race finally got under way with point leaders Billy Smith and Tim Barrett in the front row. Smith took the lead into the first turns followed by Barrett, Jordan Thayer, Billie Foster, Leaton Wright and Lahna Barrett.

Wright and Barrett both passed Foster in turn three as the leaders put more and more distance between themselves and the field.

With the race winding down Tim Barrett had a substantial lead over the field. Smith was charging hard to get back into contention but ran out of time. Smith was able to work his way back to second with some nifty driving but Barrett picked up his third feature of the summer. Smith came back for second with Wright, Lahna Barrett and John Dudley rounding out the top five.

Mod 4's

The Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Mod Fours were next led by Mike Margl and Darrin Lawler.

The track had been watered earlier and with the sun setting the moisture was holding, making the track faster with each race.

Lawler powered into the lead with Scott Dyrdahl racing up into second followed by Fran Hauber, Margl and Brandon Bahr.

Lawler held a five car length lead over Dyrdahl when Dyrdahl pulled into the pits with mechanical trouble leaving Lawler alone in front. A caution slowed the race in turn one as Ev Barrett was sideways and stalled.

The race heated up with Hauber on the tail of Lawler with both looking for their first feature win. Contact with Hauber's front bumper and Lawler's rear bumper got Lawler slightly sideways but he held on to the car and held his position. Lawler drove on to win his first feature with Hauber close behind. Bahr, Margl, and Barrett made up the top five finishers.

Midwest Modifieds

The largest field of the night once again was the Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Midwest Modifieds with 19 cars pulling on the track with a thunderous roar.

Chris Dudley held the pole with Jerry Esler outside. The starting grid would change drastically before the race finally got a clean start with Esler spinning in the first turn on the first attempted start with the entire field miraculously maneuvering around the stalled driver in the middle of the track. Dudley also missed out on a front row start when he was forced to pit for repairs and returned tailback.

With a new starting grid of Al Sadek on the pole and Matt Fullerton outside the race finally got a clean start.

Sadek took the lead with Doug Voss racing into second followed by Fullerton, Ryan Studansky and Tim Jackson.

The racing was fast and furious with three, four and even five wide action at various spots on the track as the drivers fought for an advantage.

Sadek pulled out to a big advantage over Voss as Fullerton was passed by both Studansky and Jackson before debris in the fourth turn slowed the race for a restart.

Sadek, Voss, Studansky, Jackson and Fullerton held the top five spots for the restart. But Jackson quickly raced inside and passed Studansky for third. A spin on the back straight brought out the caution once again and Studansky was sent tailback moving Doug VanMill into the fifth spot for the restart.

Jackson was again on the move passing Voss and started looking for the leader Sadek. Another caution, this time for a three car tangle among Matt Schow, Bryan LePier and Skyler Smith slowed the race for a final restart.

The final green flag found Sadek leading with Jackson, Voss, Fullerton and Esler bumper to bumper. With the flag still waving Jackson raced high on the fast track around Sadek to take the lead with just one lap remaining. Jackson picked up his first feature win of the summer at Bemidji with Sadek finishing a very strong second. Voss, Fullerton, and Nelson Jr made up the final top five.

Jackson became the tenth different winner in the c lass this year.

Super Stocks

The final race was the Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Super Stocks.

The smaller than normal field was led by pole sitter Gordie Lancaster with Chris Molash outside.

Molash took the initial lead with Gary Nelson Jr. racing into second followed by Andy Davey, Tyler Kintner and Lancaster.

With Molash holding off the hard charging Davey on the top side and Nelson inside it was a three car battle for the lead. Down the back straight racing three wide the three battled metal to metal for the lead into turn three.

Davey went into the turn in the lead with Nelson second. Shortly after the three wide battle Kintner had trouble in turn three as his super stock flew over the top of the turn and down the high bank bringing out the caution flag.

Kintner was towed to the pits done for the night.

The restart had Davey in the lead with Nelson, Molash and Lancaster trailing. Molash slid up a little high in the first turn and Lancaster took advantage late in the race to make a pass for third.

Davey raced to another feature win at Bemidji, his sixth, with Nelson, Lancaster, Molash and Kintner making up the top five.


Feature - Kevin Percovich, Bill Chaboyea, Dalton Carlson, Wade Schmidt, Damien Thunder, Joel Harvey, Barry Isensee, Brandon Hilliard, Sadie Niemela, Mark Glynn.

Heat 1 - Hilliard, Schmidt, Carlson, Isensee, Niemela

Heat 2 - Chaboyea, Perkovich, Harvey, Thunder, Glynn


Feature - Tim Barrett, Billy Smith, Leaton Wright, Lahna Barrett, John Dudley, Billie Foster, Jordan Thayer

Heat 1 - Smith, L. Barrett, T. Barrett, Thayer, Foster


Feature - Darrin Lawler, Fran Hauber, Brandon Bahr, Mike Margl, Ev Barrett, Scott Dyrdahl

Heat 1 - Dyrdahl, Hauber, Lawler, Margl, Barrett


Feature - Tim Jackson, Al Sadek, Doug Voss, Matt Fullerton, Gary Nelson Jr, Jerry Esler, Doug VanMill, Adam Johnson, Bryan LePier, Skyler Smith

Heat 1 - Nelson Jr, Sadek, C. Dudley, VanMill, Johnson

Heat 2 - Voss, Brett. Schmidt, Fullerton, Smith, Jackson

Heat 3 - Esler, Ryan Studansky, Jackson, J. Larson, R. Schow


Feature - Andy Davey, Gary Nelson Jr, Gordie Lancaster, Chris Molash, Tyler Kintner

Heat 1 - Nelson Jr, Davey, Kintner, Lancaster, Molash

Point Standings

as of Aug. 19

Midwest Modifieds

1. Bryan LePier 489

2. Al Sadek 480

3. Doug Voss 467

4. Tim Carlson 451

5. Adam Johnson 451

Super Stocks

1. Andy Davey 455

2. Tyler Kintner 455

3. Gary Nelson Jr. 447

4. Matt Sparby 425

5. Chris Molash 393

?Mod 4's

1. Fran Hauber 497

2. Brandon Bahr 489

3. Mike Bader 384

4. Darrin Lawler 375

5. Ev Barrett 350

Bemidji Streets

1. Scott Messner 265

2. Mike Kuhlman 259

3. Don Bowman 246

4. Dustin Puffe 231

5. Dan Severson 94

Pure Stocks

1. Bill Chaboyea 515

2. Dalton Carlson 510

3. Corey Peterson 486

4. Brandon Hilliard 456

5. Wade Schmidt 379

Mini Stocks

1. Billy Smith 528

2. Tim Barrett 499

3. Leahna Barrett 462

4. Neil Fleming 447

5. Billy Foster 306