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Bemidji State spring football practices conclude with scrimmage today

Bemidji State head coach Jeff Tesch and his players will end their spring drills 7 p.m. today with the annual Green/White scrimmage at Chet Anderson Stadium. BSU?Photo Services

BEMIDJI?-- A spring schedule that included 15 practices ends today as the Bemidji State University football team stages its annual Green/White scrimmage at Chet Anderson Stadium.

"The spring is the time when we want to fill the holes left by graduation," said BSU head coach Jeff Tesch. "And I believe we accomplished what we wanted to do."

Tesch and his coaching staff do not use the spring to revamp the offensive or defensive schemes or to make any major adjustments to the on-the-field philosophy. What they try to do, however, is discover the potential individual roles of their personnel.

Among the areas of concern this spring were the secondary, the offensive line and the kicking game but those concerns have been addressed.

"We're very happy with the play of the redshirts and with the personnel position changes that we looked at," Tesch said. "From what we've seen, it looks like those position changes will work out."

The Beavers began their spring workouts on March 23 and during the past month only one practice day was hampered by the weather.

"This was the best weather we've ever had," Tesch said. "The young guys, in some ways, wish they had more practice time and more opportunities to show the coaches what they can do. But the upperclassmen believe it's probably time to wind up the spring season and the hard workouts."

Today's scrimmage will begin at 7 p.m. and will employ a modified scoring system that will reward both defensive and offensive efforts.

The game is divided into four 15-play quarters, with play allowed to continue beyond 15 plays if the offense is driving. The offense is awarded one point for a first down, six points for a touchdown, one point for an extra point, three points for a field goal and two points for a penalty against the defense.

The defense can score two points for preventing the offense from gaining a first down or a missed field goal, six points for a turnover and two points for a penalty against the offense.

"We'll run our base offense and defense," Tesch said. "The purpose is to see how the guys perform under pressure. Our hope is to see them respond positively to game situations.

"The boys are excited," Tesch continued. "They like participating in the youth clinic and in the game. The guys have busted their tails off during the last month and this game is a reward for a job well done."

Beaver football fans are invited to the scrimmage and to a tailgate starting at 5 p.m. at Diamond Point Park. There is no admission charge for either event.

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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