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Family connections play key role in Wisconsin selecting Bemidji State for exhibition game

Here's Bo Ryan's take on why Wisconsin's selection of Bemidji State for the exhibition privilege:

"Yeah, it's real simple. There have been guys that have tried everything. They've petitioned. I didn't accept any gifts from anyone in order to play a team in the exhibition season. I've never accepted a free meal, no bribes, no anything."

"But Matt Bowen and my son, Will, were ball boys in the early '80s and used to sit there, and it was kind of neat walking in through the Field House coming in here, kind of get goosebumps every time I do.

"And then Rick Bowen, of course, coached in the league, in the state league, and I've known him for an awfully long time."

"And the fact that Matt was a manager at Indiana, his dad was a manager at Indiana. Coach Knight and I have developed a pretty good relationship. So I mean, it was a natural for Matt to want to come back home. Even though the Kohl Center is not the Field House, it's still Wisconsin, so that's why we selected Bemidji State."