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Bemidji State men's hockey: Media starts to stream feel-good Bemidji State story across America

Bemidji State's Brandon Marino walks off the ice after pregame warmups prior to the CHA Tournament semifinal game against Alabama-Huntsville on March 13 at John Glas Fieldhouse. Pioneer File Photo/Eric Stromgren.

The Bemidji State men's hockey team is not only the feel-good story of college hockey right now, they are one of the top sports stories in America.

And the bandwagon has followed.

Headlines and stories on the Bemidji State's run to the Frozen Four are streaminig through American newspapers and the Internet.

Bemidji State sports information director Brad Folkestad has been busy fielding phone calls over the last two days.

Bemidji State head coach Tom Serratore has been bombarded with interview requests so far - getting nearly 57 requests from various media outlets across the country. Midwest Regional most valuable player and Tyler Scofield has received over 60 requests.

Those numbers are likely to rise.

How far have the Beavers traveled online and in print?

It ranges from the most recognized names in America media, to Twin Cities media and the bloggers who just want to comment.

Here are some examples:

Two of the requests for Serratore went to Kevin Gorg on KFAN sports radio, Minnesota's flagship sports radio station and the other went Bob Sansevere, a columnist for the Pioneer Press.

Even Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan has something to say about the Beavers.

Darren Everson of the Wall Street Journal chastised the average sports fan who may have missed out on the NCAA men's hockey tournament because of the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

He helped out non-hockey fans by describing Bemidji State's win over Notre Dame in the Midwest Regional semifinal as "the equivalent of Radford dismissing North Carolina by double digits."

Radford was a No. 16 seed in the south regional of the Men's basketball tournament and lost to the Tar Heels 101-58. North Carolina is a No. 1 seed and a contender to win the championship this weekend in Detroit.

Everson went on to mark BSU's victory over Notre Dame as the third biggest collegiate sports upset of all time. No. 1 on his list was Fresno State's college World Series crown in 2007, No. 2 was Appalachian State's victory over Michigan in football in 2007, No. 4 was Harvard defeating Stanford in the 1998 women's basketball tournament and No. 5 was Chaminade defeating Virginia in 1982 in men's basketball.

The Wall Street Journal was not the only major American newspaper to recognize the Beavers.

The New York Times made notice of the Beavers in a article titled "Upon Further Review, The Frozen Four Stands."

Brandon Thomas writes for the Ithaca Journal, the newspaper that covers Cornell athletics.

The headline on his story after Sunday night's 4-1 win characterized Bemidji State as the "Unbelievable Beavers."

The blogosphere was abuzz with the Beavers with numerous postings.

Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News wrote an opinion piece pushing for more colleges to support hockey across the country using Bemidji State's success as an example that anything is possible.

The Peerless Prognosticator Blog's headline reads: "Not even God had this Frozen Four in his bracket."

A headline to an entry on the Western College Hockey Blog reads: "Serratore Family Ruins Tournament For All," referencing Tom Serratore's run with the Beavers and Air Force's upset of Michigan. Air Force is coached by Tom's brother, Frank Serratore.

The above blog used an entry to praise the Beavers.

"I don't think anyone could have possibly seen this coming, but they are a more than deserving of the honor. Congratulations Bemidji," it read.

Not all are happy to see the newly minted "Cinderella" Beavers make it to next weeks''s Frozen Four in Washington D.C.

Under the headline "Will This Be The Worst Frozen Ever," The College Hockey Blog questions whether this year's Frozen Four is good for the game and adds: "Bemidji State, however you slice it, didn't belong in the NCAA Tournament."

But The Casual Observer, a blog that writes on Notre Dame athletics, said they will be cheering for the Beavers in the Frozen Four.

"I'm not sure whether the lesson my dad taught me -- to root for the team that beat you -- is one based on sportsmanship or the line of thinking that if you lost to the champion, it makes you look better, but either way, I've got to root for Bemidji on Easter weekend," The Casual Observer entry read.

When the Associated Press writes about the Beavers- those stories end up flying throughout the country.

Papers who ran the game stories from Sunday night's victory over Cornell included The Fort Mills (South Carolina) Times and the Portsmouth (New Hampshire) Herald.

The Associated Press wrote a story late Monday that said "What is a Bemidji?"

Well, everyone's starting to find out.