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Experience, winning attitude make Hervy a leader for BSU men's basketball team

BEMIDJI — Experience of winning and a desire to win are two traits that coaches look for in their players. BSU junior point guard DJ Hervy possesses each of those traits.

“First of all, he is extremely talented, but he works very hard as well,” BSU head coach Mike Boschee said. “He is driven to be good and it is something that shows every day in practice. His attitude is nice to have both on and off the court.”

Last season at Moraine Valley Community College, Hervy reached the Division II national championship game.

“Our team was completely based off of hard-work, we did not even have many set plays,” Hervy said. “We played with four guards and just ran all the time. It was a good experience going to the national championship.”

Hervy’s desire to win began long before his successful season last year, as he says he as always been competitive in the game.

“I always have had a winning attitude,” Hervy said. “Basketball is fun, but I look at it like a fight. Nobody wants to lose a fight. I am a good sport and everything, but I am really competitive. I try to bring that attitude to practice every day.”

Despite joining a new team and learning a new offensive system — one that is described as complex by many players — Hervy was able to earn a starting role from the beginning of the season.

“It shows that he has a willingness to learn and he is very bright,” Boschee said. “When you combine everything he brings, it is something that a coach loves to have in a point guard.”

“Learning the offense was a big transition and I am still working on it,” Hervy added. “Like I said, last year we just ran. This year we have post players and I have to make sure they are getting the ball. I feel like I am developing in the system pretty well.”

Through his first nine games, Hervy is averaging nine points and over three assists per contest.

“He has been playing really well,” Boschee said. “He has the ability to make the long shot, which is huge for either guard position. He is also tough and plays smart. If you can do all of those things, you are going to get playing time, regardless of which system you are in.”

“It has been okay, I want it to be a lot better,” Hervy said of his early-season play. “I know what I am capable of and I know if I can play better, we can win more.”

Due to his level of talent, desire to win, and ability to learn Boschee has high hopes for Hervy’s two seasons at BSU.

“I just want to see him evolve as a point guard,” Boschee said. “I am optimistic that he will continue to improve his decision making on when to take the shot and when to defer.”

After helping guide the Beavers to a 3-0 conference start, Hervy has high hopes for the Beavers in the 2013-14 season.

“I have expectations for the team,” Hervy said. “We had a few hiccups early on, but we plan on cleaning those up. I still want to win the conference. I still want to win a NCAA tournament game. I want to make history here.”