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Nissen is not your typical No. 9 hitter for the Blackduck baseball team

BLACKDUCK — In most high school batting orders, the No. 9 hitter is among the weaker sticks in the lineup.

Defenses which assume that is the case in Blackduck, however, are in for a rude awakening.

Dewy Nissen bats ninth in the Blackduck order but the sophomore leads the team in hitting with a .458 average.

His 12 walks also ranks fourth on the team and in 60 plate appearances he has struck out only four times.

“I’m not very tall but my small size is an advantage because it gives me a small strike zone,” Nissen said. “The small strike zone forces the pitchers to throw it to a small area and when I go to the plate I have the confidence that I can get things rolling and can set things up for the top of the lineup.”

Nissen isn’t a power hitter and that’s fine with him. Just getting on base is his main goal.

“I usually try to hit it on the ground and then use my speed,” Nissen said. “And I also like to go to the opposite field.”

During the first game of the Section 8A championship series against Norman County Nissen accomplished his goals. He had four singles in four at-bats. His first hit was up the middle but he went to right field with the other three.

“My goal on base any way I can and then let our No. 1 hitter (Jake Krabbenhoft) move me up,” Nissen said. “So far it’s worked pretty well.”

Nissen is one of three Drakes hitting at a .400 clip. Dylan Weisert owns a .424 average and Colton Bales is at .403. As a team Blackduck has a .341 average and hitting above that figure are Krabbenhoft (.371), Shane Fenske (.368) and Jake Peterson (.355).

In Thursday’s state tournament opener the Drakes will face Osakis at 3 p.m. in Jordan. Both teams are 18-2 but Blackduck might have an edge because the Drakes are making their second consecutive trip to the state tourney.

“This team is a family and we’ve been getting better each week,” Nissen said. “Last year we were at the state tournament and now we know what to expect when we get there (on Thursday). Our plan is to play with confidence, play Drakes’ baseball and let the game go as it will.

“This year has been a great experience for all of us but the year isn’t over yet,” Nissen added.

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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