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First-time winners highlight action at Bemidji Speedway

Ricky Jacobson (back right) tries to maneuver through the pack of Keith Keena (top), Troy Hemphill (middle) and Dalton Carlson (bottom) during Sunday’s racing at Bemidji Speedway. Dennis Peterson | Special to The Pioneer

BEMIDJI — Excellent track conditions and first-time winners highlighted Sunday night’s races at Bemidji Speedway.

Brandon Bahr won his first ever feature in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds and Trent Dyrdahl picked up his first-ever win in his heat of the Midwest Modified class. Sue Berg was a first-time winner in her heat race in the Mini Stocks and Jenny Watrud was a first-time winner in the feature race of the Mini Stocks.

Mini Stocks

Sue Berg and Jenny Watrud battled back and forth for most of the race before Berg slid and gave way for Watrud to take the lead and pick up her first-ever feature win. Berg was second.

Bemidji Pure Stocks

Al Sadek Jr. and Kevin Baumgarner led the field to the green flag for their feature race with Baumgarner taking the lead followed by Michael Blevins, Sadek, Chad Puschinsky, and Joel Harvey. Sadek and Blevins dueled early with each holding second for a time before Blevins took control of the position with a high side pass. Baumgarner was second with Sadek, Harvey and Puschinsky trailing.

Wissota Mod Fours

A small field was made even smaller when Mike Margl broke prior to the feature leaving just four cars to battle for the feature win. A few laps into the race Conrad Schwinn powered high around Tonja Stranger to take the lead and quickly pulled away for the win. Stranger, Craig Moore and Jess Geesey followed Schwinn to the finish line.

Wissota Super Stocks

For much of the race it was Matt Sparby with a five car length lead over the field but after a second restart Ricky Jacobson roared to the front and Gary Nelson Jr. took second. The three continued to battle but Jacobson held his position and won his second feature of the season.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Following a restart Brandon Bahr took the lead and fought off the challenges of Matt Schow and Skyler Smith to capture his first win in the Midwest Modified Class.

This story was written by Dennis Peterson and is a special to The Pioneer.

Mini Stock Feature – Jenny Watrud, Sue Berg

Heat – S. Berg, J. Watrud

Bemidji Pure Stocks Feature – Michael Blevins, Kevin Baumgarner, Al Sadek Jr., Joel Harvey, Chad Puschinsky, Bill Chaboyea, Weston Ramsrud, Jesse Lutgen, Josh Berg

Heat 1 – M. Blevins, A. Sadek Jr., C. Puschinsky, K. Baumgarner, B. Chaboyea

Wissota Mod Four Feature – Conrad Schwinn, Tonja Stranger, Craig Moore, Jess Geesey

Heat – C. Schwinn, M. Margl, J. Geesey, T. Stranger, C. Moore

Wissota Super Stocks Feature – Ricky Jacobson, Gary Nelson Jr., Matt Sparby, Bobby Carlson, Dalton Carlson, Tyler Kintner, Nathan Higginbotham, Blake Higginbotham, Gordie Lancaster and Keith Keena

Heat 1 – D. Carlson, M. Sparby, G. Nelson Jr., R. Jacobson, G. Lancaster

Heat 2 – T. Kintner, B. Higginbotham, T. Hemphill, K. Keena, N. Higginbotham

Wissota Midwest Modifieds Feature – Brandon Bahr, Matt Schow, Skyler Smith, Doyle Erickson, Trent Dyrdahl, John Halverson, Ron Reed, Craig Larson, Darrin Lawler, Gary James Nelson

Heat 1 – J. Halverson, B. Bahr, D. Erickson, G. James Nelson, R. Reed

Heat 2 – T. Dyrdahl, S. Smith, M. Schow, C. Larson, D. Lawler