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TRACK: Bemidji High athletes impress coaches in season- opening meet

Bemidji’s Claire Laakso set the pace and won the 60-meter hurdles during Saturday’s Lions Invitational at the Gillett Recreation Fitness Center with a personal best time of 10.15. Pat Miller | Bemidji Pioneer1 / 2
Bemidji’s Brady Schmidt won the 60-meter dash during Saturday’s Lions Invitational. Finishing a very close second was Kyler LaVine of Bagley-Fosston. Pat Miller | Bemidji Pioneer2 / 2

BEMIDJI – No one knows what to expect during the first indoor track and field meet of the spring so Bemidji High School coaches Steve Sneide and Chris Lehman had open minds when they watched their athletes during Saturday’s Lions Invitational at the Gillett Recreation and Fitness Center on the Bemidji State campus.

“We have many new kids and some veterans and we wanted to see where everyone was at in terms of their times and distances,” Sneide, the BHS boys coach said. “Many of them are where they were at the end of last year’s indoor season and that was great to see.”

Lehman, the Lumberjacks girls coach, was equally pleased.

“It’s always nice to see the kids in a competitive atmosphere,” he said. “And I saw some very good performances Saturday. It was a good first meet for us.”

For the record, Bemidji’s girls team scored 143 points and won Saturday’s Lions Invitational. The boys team tallied 138 and was second to Grand Forks Red River’s 144.

Leading the boys was senior Brady Schmidt, who was named the meet’s outstanding male athlete.

Schmidt won the 60 meter dash (7.30), the 200 (24.51) and the long jump (19-8.75).

“Brady was just as fast Saturday as he was at the end of last year’s indoor season,” Sneide said. “He had a very good day.”

Also posting event victories for the Lumberjacks boys team Saturday were Sam Carlson in the mile (4:42.30), Elias Hendrickson in the 800 (2:00.43), Adam Loisel in the triple jump (38-1) plus the 4x800 relay (9:09.70) and the 4x400 relay (3:41.15).

“Elias went 1:59 in the 800 in a relay race and 2-flat in the individual 800 and those are two very strong times this early in the year,” Sneide said. “Sam also looked very strong in the mile.

“Brady, Elias and Sam are three guys we expect to be leaders and they showed the way on Saturday,” Sneide added.

Contributing runner-up finishes for BHS were Nate Gubbels in the 60 hurdles (9.91), Logan Hatfield in the 400 (58.01), Billy Freyholtz in the mile (5:18.89) and Nick Gubbels in the 200 (24.55).

Girls division

Bemidji also had many strong performances in the girls meet. Allie Heifort provided one of them when she broke the school record in the shot put with a throw of 43-3.5. The previous standard, which was set in 1991, was 39-9.5.

“Allie shattered the record,” Lehman said.

Also posting event wins for BHS were Claire Laakso in the 60 hurdles (10.15), Maea Wall in the 400 (1:01.03) and 200 (27.23), Jenna Truedson in the 800 (2:24.92) and Amber Peterson in the pole vault (10-0).

“Claire ran a personal record in the hurdles and to do that in the first race of the season is great to see,” Lehman said.

Placing second for the Jacks were Truedson in the 400 (1:01.52), Dani Gronhovd in the 800 (2:35.30), Callie Johnson in the shot put (34-8) and Adriane Rickert (5-10) in the high jump.

Adding thirds were Wall in the 60 (8.35), Laakso in the 400 (1:06.20), Jordan Mills in the 800 (2:53.67) and triple jump (27-10.5) plus Emily Falldorf in the high jump (4-10).

“Callie was just short of her personal record in the shot put,” Lehman said. “Adriane went 5-0 in the high jump and last year she went 4-8 so that is a great improvement. And the 400 times of Maea and Jenna were very good.

“I think we will have some internal competition in many events this year and that will help us as a team,” the coach added.

Bemidji will return to the Gillett Recreation Center Tuesday for the Paul Bunyan Invitational. The BHS boys and girls teams, however, will be shorthanded because the school is on spring break and some of the athletes will be not be available.

Lions Invitational

Gillett Recreation Fitness Center

Girls Division

Bemidji 143, Warroad 109, Grand Rapids 96, Bagley-Fosston 90, Red River 57, Bertha Hewitt 39, Grand Forks Central 21, Lake of the Woods 10

4x800: 1-Grand Rapids 10:38.73. Bemidji’s result: 3-Bemidji 11:17.63. Bagley-Fosston’s result: 5-Bagley-Fosston 12:33.65

60 hurdles: 1-Laakso (Bem) 10.15. B-F results: 3-Albright 11.38; 9-Meinert 12.46; 13-Syverson 13.26

60 dash: 1-Hahn (Warroad) 8.15. Bemidji’s results: 3-Wall 8.35; 9-Beck 9.13. B-F’s result: 4-Merschman 8.62

400: 1-Wall (Bem) 1:0.03. Other Bemidji: 2-Truedson 1:01.52; 3-Laakso 1:06.20; 4-Peterson 1:06.59. B-F’s results: 10-Ziemer 1:12.33; 19-Munter 1:18.36; 20-Syverson 1:18.73

1600: 1-Baker (Grand Rapids) 5:30.57. Bemidji’s result: 10-Smith 6:43.11. B-F’s result: 3-Carlson 6:02.24

4x200: 1-Bagley-Fosston 2:01.23. Bemidji’s result: 6-Bemidji 2:05.11. Other B-F: 8-Bagley-Fosston 2:09.23

800: 1-Truedson (Bem) 2:24.92. Other Bemidji: 2-Gronhovd 2:35.30; 3-Mills 2:53.67. B-F’s results: 9-Nelsons 3:03.63; 12-Munter 3:15.98; 13-Shaver 3:18.41

3200: 1-Brunelle (Warroad) 12:55.04

4x400: 1-Grand Rapids 4:44.55. Bagley-Fosston’s result: 2-Bagley-Fosston 4:44.62

200: 1-Wall (Bem) 27.23. Other Bemidji: 6-Laakso 29.69; 14-Greendahl 31.71. B-F’s results: 3-Merschman 28.90; 11-Ziemeier 31.42; 20-Sistad 32.35

High jump: 1-Hahn (Warroad) 5-2. Bemidji’s results: 2-Rickert 5-0; 3-Falldorf 4-10; 8-Greendahl 4-4; 9-Chadwick 4-4. B-F’s result: 5-Dufault 4-6

Long jump: 1-Hahn (Warroad) 16-3. B-F’s results: 5-sistad 12-9; 6-Huschle 12-7

Triple jump: 1-Albright (B-F) 29-8. Bemidji’s results: 3-Mills 27-10.5; 12-Smith 25-4. Other B-F: 2-Merschman 28-9.75; 10-Molitor 25-8

Shot put: 1-Heifort (Bem) 43-3.5. Other Bemidji: 2-Johnson 34-8; 6-Hendricks 26-7; 9-Colligan 23-3.5; 12-Trammell 21-7.5; 13-Littlewolf 21-7. B-F’s results: 11-Netland 21-10; 14-Meinert 21-2; 15-Fischer 20-1

Pole vault: 1-Peterson (Bem) 10-0. B-F’s results: 2-Balstad 8-6; 4-Berntso 7-6

Girls Athlete of the Meet: Deidre Hahn, Warroad

Boys Division

Grand Forks Red River 144, Bemidji 138, Grand Rapids 85, Bagley-Fosston 80, Warroad 48, Grand Forks Central 46, Lake of the Woods 17, Bertha-Hewitt 15.5, Deer River 6

4x800: 1-Bemidji 9:09.70. Other Bemidji: 2-Bemidji 9:30.21. Bagley-Fosston’s result: 4-Bagley-Fosston 9:40.48

60 hurdles: 1-Enerson (Red River) 9.39. Bemidji’s results: 2-Nate Gubbels 9.91. B-F’s results: 6-Bode 10.29; 14-Jackson 11.27

60 dash: 1-Schmidt (Bem) 7.30. Other Bemidji: 11-Annette 7.86. B-F’s results: 2-LaVine 7.51; 7-Thorson 7.71; 9-Clough 7.79; 13-Borud 7.95

400: 1-Mann (Grand Rapids) 57.81. Bemidji’s result: 2-Hatfield 58.01. B-F’s results: 15-Fultz 1:03.63; 18-Lafriniere 1:04.74

1600: 1-Carlson (Bem) 4:42.30. Other Bemidji: 2-Freyholtz 5:18.89; 14-Madsen 6:11.09. B-F’s result: 9-Bode 5:43.48

4x200: 1-Bagley-Fosston 1:42.60. Other B-F: 6-Bagley-Fosston 1:44.53

800: 1-Hendrickson (Bem) 2:00.43. Other Bemidji: 11-Youso 2:38.61; 13-Gudmunson 2:44.37. B-F’s results: 14-Bode 2:49.05

3200: 1-Collis (Red River) 10:45.51

4x400: 1-Bemidji 3:41.15. Other Bemidji: 5-Bemidji 4:06.64; 10-Bemidji 4:39.08. B-F’s result: 4-Bagley-Fosston 4:06.61

200: 1-Schmidt (Bem) 24.51. Other Bemidji: 2-Nick Gubbels 24.55; 16-Yartz 27.48. B-F’s result: 5-LaVine 25.81

Long jump: 1-Schmidt (Bem) 19-8.75. Other Bemidji: 4-Hatfield 18-6.75; 10-Annette 16-3; 14-Yartz 15-3.75. B-F’s results: 3-LaVine 18-7.25; 6-Cage 17-7

High jump: 1-enerson (Red River) 5-6. Bemidji’s results: 10-Anderson 4-9. B-F’s results: 2-Malterud 5-4; 2-Nelson 5-4

Pole vault: 1-Pearce (Warroad) 12-0. Bemidji’s result: 5-Steffes 10-6. B-F’s results: 12-Olson 7-6; 15-Jackson 7-0; 15-Borud 7-0

Triple jump: 1-Loisel (Bem) 38-1. Other Bemidji: 4-Schussman 35-5.5; 9-Dickinson 33-5; 11-Christofferson 31-7; 12-Maxwell 31-6.5. B-F’s results: 2-Larson 37-8; 9-Peterson 33-5

Shot put: 1-Powell (B-F) 41-10. Bemidji’s results: 12-Krotzer 32-10; 14-Hulsebus 31-8. Other B-F: 15-Hutson 31-4; 18-Peterson 30-6

Boys Athlete of the Meet: Brady Schmidt, Bemidji

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

(218) 333-9200