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CURLING: Pottinger rink tied for first after qualifying draw

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Pete Fenson rink went 1-1 in Wednesday’s draws to remain in the hunt for a playoff spot in the USA Men’s National Curling Championships Page Playoffs.

The Fenson rink, which includes Bemidji curlers Pete Fenson, Joe Polo and Ryan Brunt plus Shawn Rojeski of Chisholm, is in a three-way tie for third place in the round-robin standings with a 5-3 record.

Fenson lost to Heath McCormick of New York City 8-7 in 10 ends in the early draw before rallying to beat Todd Birr of Mankato 8-5 in the afternoon draw.

John Shuster of Duluth and Tyler George of Duluth are tied for lead in the field at 6-2.

The Fenson rink is tied for third place along with the McCormick rink and the Brady Clark rink of Seattle, Wash.

The men have one final draw today to determine who advances to the playoffs.

Fenson will take on Shuster at 8 a.m.

Women’s Division

The Allison Pottinger rink of Eden Prairie, which includes Bemidji curler Natalie Nicholson, won two games Wednesday night.

In the morning round Pottinger topped Andrea Carlson rink of Wayzata 9-5 before finishing off the evening with a 9-6 victory over Courtney George of Duluth.

Pottinger finished at 7-2 overall and was tied for first place at presstime.

The playoffs are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. today.

National Curling Championships

Women’s Division

Final Standings

George 7-2, Brown 7-2, Pottinger 7-2, Lank 5-4, Carlson 5-4, Roessler 4-5, Clark 3-6, Hamilton 3-6, Kinney 2-7, Anderson 2-7

Wednesday’s Results

Morning Draw: Hamilton 5, Roessler 4; Brown 8, Anderson 5; Pottinger 9, Carlson 5; George 9, Clark 4; Lank 8, Kinney 5

Afternoon Draw: Brown 11, Clark 1; Pottinger 9, George 6; Hamilton 8, Lank 7; Roessle 7, Kinney 6; Carlson 9, Anderson 6

Men’s Division

Shuster 6-2, George 6-2, Clark 5-3, Fenson 5-3, McCormick 5-3, Farbelow 4-4, Brown 4-4, Persinger 3-6, Birr 2-6, Lemke 0-8

Wednesday’s Results

Morning Draw: McCormick 8, Fenson 7; Birr 7, Clark 3; Shuster 10, Persinger 2; Ferbalow 7, Brown 4; George 8, Lemke 1

Afternoon Draw: Shuster 10, Lemke 4; George 9, Farbelow 2; Brown 8, McCormick 3; Persinger 8, Clark 5; Fenson 8, Birr 5

Today’s Draw

Farbelow vs. Persinger; Fenson vs. Shuster; Lemke vs. Birr; McCormick vs. George; Clark vs. Brown