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Dropkin rink 3-1 at Junior National meet

WAYLAND, Mass. – The Korey Dropkin rink of Massachusetts, which includes Bemidji curlers Alex Fenson as lead and Mark Fenner as second, won three of its first four matches during the USA Junior Men’s Championships here.

The Dropkin rink qualified as the tournament’s “High Performance” team by winning a playoff event last fall.

The only unbeaten rink heading into Monday’s evening draw was Ethan Meyers of Minnesota which was 3-0. Dropkin stood at 3-1 while Scott Dunnam of Pennsylvania, Ryan Flippo of Alaska and Jeremy Stubbe of Wisconsin were 2-1.

Trailing the leaders were Jake Vukich of Washington (2-2), Tim Hodek of North Dakota (1-2), Tony Wright of Minnesota (1-2), Preston Kramer of Colorado (0-3) and Wesley Pedersen of Michigan (0-3).

In Monday’s 11 a.m. draw Dropkin stopped Vukich 9-2, scoring two in the fourth end and stealing two in the fifth plus solos in the sixth, seventh and eighth ends.

In today’s draws Dropkin will face Hodek at 11 a.m. and Flippo at 7 p.m.

Junior Men’s Curling


Meyers (Minn) 3-0, Dropkin (Mass) 3-1, Dunnam (Penn) 2-1, Flippo (Alaska) 2-1, Stubbe (Wis) 2-1, Vukich (Wash) 2-2, Hodek (ND) 1-2, Wright (Minn) 1-2, Kramer (Colo) 0-3, Pedersen (Mich) 0-3

Monday’s Late Draw

Pedersen vs. Kramer; Flippo vs. Dunnam; Stubbe vs. Wright; Hodek vs. Meyers

Tuesday’s Draws

7 a.m.: Flippo vs. Vukich; Wright vs. Kramer; Pedersen vs. Dunnam

11 a.m.: Meyers vs. Stubbe; Dropkin vs. Hodek

3 p.m.: Dunnam vs. Vukich

7 p.m.: Kramer vs. Hodek; Meyers vs. Wright; Pedersen vs. Stubbe; Flippo vs. Dropkin