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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

BHS tennis takes second at Brainerd

BRAINERD – Claudia Bellew won her second individual championship in as many tournaments Monday as the junior claimed third singles at the Brainerd Invitational tennis meet.

Delano took the team title with 26 points while BHS was second with 18. Brainerd and Virginia each tallied 10.

Bellew was tested only once Monday when she outlasted Laura Parsons of Delano 8-7 (10-8). Her other wins were by scores of 8-3, 8-1 and 8-0.

The Lumberjacks claimed second place in the other singles divisions courtesy of Jessica Solberg at first singles, Amy Frosaker at second and Megan Serratore at fourth.

The meet also featured four doubles brackets. McKenzie Schultz and Alexis Konecne teamed for third at second doubles as did Claire Baumgartner and Jenna Lee at third.

Finishing fourth were Annika Johnson and Olivia Dickinson at first doubles and the team of Nicolette Roy and McKayla Beaulieu and Erin Edlund at fourth.

Bemidji will open its home campaign Wednesday when it hosts Grand Rapids and East Grand Forks in a triangular. The Jacks will begin their action at 2 p.m.

Brainerd Invitational

Delano 26, Bemidji 18, Brainerd 10, Virginia 10 (top 4)

Bemidji’s Results

First singles: Jessica Solberg finishes 2nd. Solberg def. Steffen (Bra) 8-6; Solberg def. Jorgenson (TRF) 8-1; Finn (Del) def. Solberg 8-1; Solberg def. Seitz (Vir) 8-6

Second singles: Amy Frosaker finishes 2nd. Frosaker def. Lee (TRF) 8-5; Hedtke (Del) def. Frosaker 8-0; Frosaker def. Gunderson Vir) 8-4; Frosaker def. Classman (Bra)

Third singles: Claudia Bellew finishes 1st. Bellew def. Parsons (Del0 8-7 (10-8); Bellew def. Mavott (TRF) 8-3; Bellew def. Rice (Vir) 8-1; Bellew def. Anderson (Bra) 8-0

Fourth singles: Megan Serratore finishes 2nd. Serratore def. Lensetter (TRF) 8-4; May (Del) def. Serratore 8-3; Serratore def. Berglund (Vir) 8-5; Serratore def. Hunter (Bra) 8-

First doubles: Annika Johnson and Olivia Dickinson finish 4th. Winnerstrand/Hintz (Bra) def. Johnson/Dickinson 8-2; Finn/Sundlass (Del) def. Johnson/Dickinson 8-3; Okereson/Torkelson (TRF) def. Johnson/Dickinson 8-6; Johnson/Dickinson def. Starr/Perala (Vir) 8-2

Second doubles: Kenzie Schultz and Alexis Konecne finish 3rd. Warne/Vatnsdal (Del) def. Schultz/Konecne 8-2; Schutlz and Konecne def. Huot/Bennett (TRF) 8-0; Comeau/Stehen (Bra) def. Schultz/Konecne 8-4; Schultz/Koecne def. Norlander/Westerberg (Vir) 8-1

Third doubles: Claire Baumgartner and Jenna Lee finish 3rd. Hedtke/Schreyer/Peterson def. Baumgertner/Lee 8-2; Baumgartner/Lee def. Tuneberg/Mulwitz (TRF) 8-3; Baumgartner/Lee def. Greenwalt/Pheles (Vir) 8-2; Fitterer/Mimmack (Bra) def. Baumgartner/Lee 8-6

Fourth singles: Nicolette Roy and McKayla Beaulieu and Erin Edlund finish fourth. Skime/Jorgenson (TRF0 def. Roy/Beaulieu/Edlund 8-2; Roy/Beaulieu/Edlund def. Virant/Kolstad (Vir) 8-6; Rud/Dick (Bra) def. Roy/Beaulieu/Edlund 8-6; Rumpza/Peterson (Del) def. Roy/Beaulieu/Edlund 8-5

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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