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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

BSU hockey stars reunite for Nagle tourney

BEMIDJI - Galen Nagle isn't listed among the 50 Legends of Bemidji State hockey, but all who played with him will tell you that it was a privilege to share the ice with the former goaltender.

"Galen was a special person," said Robin Anderson, who was Nagle's teammate on the 1983-84 team that won the NCAA Division II national championship with a perfect 31-0 record.

Nagle was between the pipes when the Beavers thumped Merrimack 8-1 in the championship game to cap that memorable season.

"That team was a family and Galen exemplified everything a teammate is supposed to be," said Joel Otto, a center on the team.

"Galen, Monsy (Scott Monsrud), Luther (Drey Bradley), Davey (Dave Jerome) and I came together in 1980 and survived all the way to 1983-84. That was a special group and you don't find many guys like Galen. Because of him, I wouldn't miss this tournament," Otto added.

The tournament Otto referenced is the Galen Nagle Memorial, and the 15th edition of the event will be held today at the Bemidji Town & Country Club.

Otto and Anderson will be there along with about 170 other friends, teammates and Beaver hockey alumni.

They will gather to remember Nagle and to promote and enhance Beaver hockey.

All proceeds from the Texas scramble tournament and the accompanying auction will directly benefit BSU men's hockey and the endowment fund set up in Nagle's name.

"It means a lot for me to be able to come back to Bemidji, a community that has done so much for me, and help the Bemidji State hockey team," said Matt Read, a 2011 BSU graduate and current member of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Read, Otto and Bradley are among at least 11 former Bemidji State hockey All-Americans participating in today's tournament. Among the others scheduled to play are Dennis Gibbons, Gary Gustason, Bryan Grand, Eric Gager, Terry Burns, Andrew Murray, O.J. Kennett and Chris Morque.

The field will also feature 10 of the 50 Legends for 50 Years greats. That list includes Bradley, Burns, Brendan Cook, Gager, Grand Gustason, Kennett, Morque, Murray and Otto.

The public is invited to participate in the auction, which will be held following the afternoon golf round.

For more information about the Galen Nagle Endowment Fund call Jake Bluhm in the Beaver Pride Office at 218-755-2827 or contact him at

Galen Nagle Memorial

Golf Tournament

Tentative Group Pairings

7:35 a.m. Groups

Rob Aitken, Brian Gifford, Keith Holman, Dan Rickert, Scott Fogelson

John Baer, Ryan Baer, Bob Paine, Tiffany Paine, Jeff Peltier

Derek Benson, Jason Katzenberger, James McDermott, Jeff McGrath

Vinny Heurd, Tony Smiar, Chris Curb, Joe Eichstadt, Greg Larson

Don Dale, Chuck Hildebrandt, Bob Lindberg, Chris Oelrich, Beau Seeger

Bill Howe, Marshall Johnston, Jim Kroeplin, Paul Stennes, Rich Toninato

Robert Belanger, Craig Boyer, Paul Hanson, Kirby Johnson, Barry Royce

Stub Carter, Shawn Dudley, Joel Conway, Bob Skaar, Jess Carter

Rick Kehoe, Dave Mills, Thomas Pearson, Steve Qualley, Kent Strunk

Mark Eller, Tom Allen, Matthew Allen, Russ Simonson

12:35 p.m. Groups

Bob Aitken, Tom Richards, Derrick Johnson, Dallas Way, Jim Richard

Jake Bluhm, Orlando Alamano, Dave Deterding, Tim Dondelinger, Michael Kinne

Robin Anderson, Drey Bradley, Steve Lundeen, Mike Oliver, Joel Otto

Brian Westerman, Mark Frosaker, Doug Odegaard, Kevin Werner, Aaron Odegaard

Howie Borden, Bryan Grand, Terry Burns, Ron Kostohryz, Neil Holmstrom

Trey Bowman, Bill Futrell, Brady Fredrickson, Greg Rosten, Don Dale

Jake Desanto, Jess Desanto, Rich Siegert, Eddie Detwiler, Marcia Ring

Brendan Cook, Jeff McGill, Andrew Murray, Phil Ronnebaum, Tyler Scofield

Brent Tookenay, Scott Clendenning, Marco Hunt, O.J. Kennett, Sean Taggart

Tom McGarry, Travis Herbeck, Jason Ingersoll, Chris Morque

Tony Mayer, Rob Elliott, Luke Hambrecht, Jimmy Schoonover, Randy Baird

George Thelen, Nolan Hanson, Jim Enfield, Joe Haruala

Scott Hinners, Dave Erickson, Paul Friesen, Gary Laidley, Mark Lescarbeau

Travis Winter, James Fischer, Jerry Mattson, Luke Mattson, John Winter

Scott Robbins, Eric Gilbertson, Chase Schmitt, Scott Williams

Todd Hamilton, Chuck Savage, Kevin Devescovi, Kurt Knott, Neil Cooper

Eric Monsrud, Jeff Monsrud, Ken Monsrud, John Chattin, Josey Kaseman

Dennis Gibbons, Eric Gager, Todd Donaldson, Darren Green, Karl Jacob son

Gary Gustason, Dan Peluso, Paul Degiseppie, John Hause, Tom Murphy

Travis Barnes, Ted Belisle, Marty Goulet, Jared Hanowski, John Haider

Ken Traxler, Brian Hardwick, Joel Araneson, Don Andree, Jon Olson

Al Zutz, Andy Dokken, Eric Dokken, Travis Vanoverbeke, Nate Moran

Matt Read, Daniel Macintyre, Tanner Kaemingh, Chris Peluso, Ryan Cramer

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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