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Lawler enjoys racing at Speedway

Darrin Lawler has been racing for four years. In 2009 he finished third in points at the Bemidji Speedway in the Mod Four class. Dennis Peterson | Bemidji Pioneer

Darrin Lawler of Bovey has been racing for four years and credits his parents for getting him into the sport.

"My parents always went to the races and one year we decided to give it a try," Lawler said.

Lawler, 37, and his wife Amy have two sons, Shane and Austin. He is an environmental systems operator with Minnesota Power at Clay Basswell. He races a 2006 Eagle in the highly competitive Wissota Midwest Modified class. On any given race night he can be found with his car in the pits at Bemidji, Grand Rapids or Hibbing speedways.

Lawler has three feature wins, and finished third in points at Bemidji Speedway in 2009 in the Wissota Mod Four class.

"(We) had no major wrecks, and made every feature," Lawler said.

Lawler credits his crew, which includes his dad Jerry and his two sons, for keeping him on track, and his inspiration to race is simply to have fun and meet new people.