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Mustang Baseball Struggling Through

On April 26, the Mustangs traveled to Cass Lake. They were unable to pull off the game and lost 5-7. Joey Schuh was the starting pitcher; overall he pitched 118 pitches.

In the top of the first, Nathan Anderson started us off with a double; there was three strikeouts to follow that left him on base. Cass Lake had a better first inning and scored two runs and getting to the seventh player in the batting order. The second inning was a scoring inning for the Mustangs and Lance Pink, Mark Geerdes, and Al Nistler all scored. They were able to scatter Cass Lake's runs a little more but just couldn't keep them from scoring with four runs off errors, which kept them ahead and gave them the victory.

On Friday, April 27, the Mustangs were moving on into a new game on their home field against Red Lake. Coach Alto put our starting catcher Nathan Anderson in as starting pitcher which moved Tim Davison to catcher. Anderson threw a total of 83 pitches before Lance stepped in and finished off the game with 37 pitches.

Left fielder Al Nistler had a phenomenal defensive game by catching four fly balls to either start or end the outs of innings. Nistler also had good offensive bringing three of the four team hits, one being a double. The Mustangs let Red Lake get ahead and stay ahead until energy struck in them and they scored six runs in the fifth inning with Justin Baumgartner making a dirt eating slide into home plate to get the sixth run of the inning. The Mustangs barely pulled this game off winning 7-6.

The Mustangs had to get their game faces on while they traveled to Bagley Tuesday, May 1, to get revenge from their close losing game that started off their season. Christian Jourdan was the starting pitcher with an even 100 pitches. Bagley started off the game with two runs. They kept us from scoring until sixth inning when Jourdan made it home and Joey Schuh was on third. The Mustangs lost 6-1.

On Thursday, May 3, the Mustangs played Walker-Hackensack-Akeley on their home field. Our starting pitcher was Lance Pink who threw 71 pitches. Christian Jourdan came in on the sixth inning and threw 21 pitches in one inning; in the seventh inning Joey Schuh came in and ended the game with 11 pitches.

W-H-A had a total of four hits and only one run. The Mustangs made many great plays to get the lead runners out to keep them from scoring. The Mustangs had double the amount of hits with eight.

`Nathan Anderson was the first batter and started us off with a hit and a stolen base, Joey Schuh as fourth batter got a hit and brought Anderson home. Lance Pink was the third and final hit of the first inning that brought Dylan Villeran home. Christian Jourdan scored the third and final run in the fifth inning to give the Mustangs the victory over W-H-A 3-1. Some younger kids such as Migizi Wagner, Mitchell Nistler, and Donnie White also got to get some playing time in during this game.

On Tuesday, May 8, the Mustangs took a long bus ride to Waubun to play a double header. Christian Jourdan was the starting pitcher for the first game and pitched 111 pitches in four innings. Joey Schuh came in and had 19 pitches in the fifth inning to end the game. Nathan Anderson, Christian Jourdan, Dylan Villaran, and Joey Schuh started us off with base hits. Anderson scored and gave Villaran a RBI. Wauban pulled ahead during the second, third, and fourth inning.

Finally in the fifth inning we scored five runs. Joe Schuh hit his first career home run in the fifth inning and gave himself three RBI's. Villaran also had another RBI in the fifth inning. The Mustangs pulled ahead and won 7-6.

In the second game, Adrian Pink was the starting pitcher and had 53 pitches. Justin Baumgartner came in to pitch in the third inning and had 44 pitches. Lance Pink pitched 10 pitches in the fourth inning and Nathan Anderson finished it off with nine pitches in the fifth inning.

Dylan Villaran, out of nowhere, stepped into the catcher position so Anderson could pitch. Anderson and Schuh scored two runs in the first inning. Unfortunately Waubun scored seven runs in the second inning and five in the fourth. The Mustangs scored a few more runs in the fifth inning to make the final score 13-6.

On Thursday, May 10, the Mustangs played their all-time rivals the Blackduck Drakes. Joey Schuh pitched a total of 139 pitches. The Drakes started off the first inning scoring two runs. They were then held off until the fourth inning when they scored two more runs. The Mustangs caught up in the fourth and fifth inning scoring three runs total, making the score 4-3. Unfortunately the Drakes got a lucky run and scored six runs in the top of the seventh, the Mustangs only brought in two runs which left the final score at 10-5 Drakes taking the big W.

In the seventh inning, Joey Schuh had two RBI's. Adrian Pink also had two RBI's in the fourth inning when he hit a double and brought his big brother Lance Pink and Joey Schuh home. In the 6th inning Lance Pink had one RBI bringing Schuh home. Overall the Mustangs had some very positive points in this game but just couldn't pull it off.

The Mustangs play LOW again on May 11, and then go into a long week of four games in a row playing Cass Lake, Red Lake, Littlefork, and Nevis.

The Mustangs have worked really hard this season and I enjoyed being with this team as their manager. They are all very resepectful and fun to be around. I would like to speak for the rest of the team and say we are really going to miss our only two seniors this year Joey Schuh #15 and Lance Pink #5. You two have showed a lot of leadership and many younger players look up to you both.