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2011-2012 Northland Conference Awards

All Conference

Ryan Holthusen, MVP; Caleb Fisher, Trey Volk, Taylor Chase, Jake Ellis, Holms, Brendan Beaulieu, Beau Howard, Joey Schuh, Shane Fenske, Anthony Fisher, Jordan Collins, Chris Duff, Cody Wind and Keith Shaughnessy.

Honorable Mention

Dominic Anderson, Dakotah Brenelle, Jake Keranen, Nick Roy, Isaiah Rahier, Nate Anderson, Caleb Genos, Jordan Duff, Bryon Schuldt and Matt Gustafson.

Additional Awards

Conference Champs -- Cass Lake

Runner Up -- Red Lake

B-Team Champs -- Cass Lake

Freshman Champion -- Northome/Kelliher

Coach of the Year -- Brian Michaelson

Rookie of the Year -- Chris Duff