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Volk hits 1,000th mark!

For only the second time in the history of Blackduck boys basketball, a Drake has made it to 1,000 points and he did it as a sophomore! Trey Volk hit the milestone Feb. 3 in the game against Green Bush-Middle River.1 / 3
Volk joins the 1,000th point club with former Blackduck Drake Derrick Moen, who was the first ever to hit 1,000 points at Blackduck back in 1997.2 / 3
The crowd counts down with excitement, cheering Volk on as he takes his place among the elite.3 / 3

For only the second time in the history of Blackduck boys basketball, a player has made 1,000 points.

Former Blackduck Drake Derrick Moen was the first ever to make 1,000 points back in 1997 and today, he is very proud to share the spotlight with Trey Volk -- a talented athlete -- who could possibly double that number by the time he graduates from high school.

"I have been asked by classmates and others whether I would be upset if someone was going to break my record. The answer is quite simply -- NO and I would like to congratulate Trey on his accomplishments. And I welcome the company in 'The Thousand Point Club,'" said Moen.

"It is not very often a basketball player hits 1,000 points. Not only did Trey hit 1,000 points, but he did it as a sophomore. Imagine what he will have at the end of his senior year. He is not only an outstanding basketball player, but an outstanding student and individual," said Blackduck Supt. Bob Doetsch.

Volk is very competitive, according to Blackduck Head Coach Grant Mistic.

"He wants to win and is a great team player," said Mistic.

Volk's accomplishment wasn't a single effort. The whole team played a big part in this, according to Mistic. "They know Trey's ability but it takes a team to accomplish this."

Volk is just a sophomore and according to his coach, doing this as just a sophomore is what makes it so great.

"I am starting to see his game move up to yet another level," said Mistic. "The sky's the limit with his ability."

Volk began playing basketball in the first grade in North Dakota. He was part of Community Ed basketball in Blackduck from the third-fifth grade.

In sixth grade, he began playing with the Blackduck junior high and he moved up to the Blackduck varsity as an eighth grader. His 1,000 points are only from his varsity play.

Volk's father, Jeff, is Blackduck's head football coach and has believed in his son's abilities in each sport he is involved in.

"I am very proud of his accomplishment," said Coach Volk. "He has committed himself to improving his skills and his success is a result of that hard work. You could call it a cliché, but I would say, 'If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish great things.' That is true in athletics as well as life."

As for Moen, he said his memories of having accomplished this milestone is one of the sweetest ones he can think of.

"For me to hit the 1,000 point milestone was, at the time, the biggest thing in my life. I played a little as a freshman and did not start until I was a sophomore. I was good friends with Coach Ross's son, Jay, and we had had conversations about how his dad had never had a 1,000 point scorer," said Moen. "This really motivated me to be the first. I really liked the idea that I could be the first for a coach that had so many great players and players that I know were better than me.

Moen said he will never forget the moment that it happened.

"I did not want the pressure to score so I told everyone I did not want to know when it was going to happen. I don't know how many points I scored in the game but I do know that it was against a state-ranked Cass Lake team and we one the game in overtime. The moment was sweet and it only made it sweeter that we beat a ranked team in the process."

His advice for anyone else interested in chasing this goal -- "Points are very important in the game of basketball but many players are very good at other parts of the game that don't get the notoriety they should. If you are going to be a 1,000 point scorer don't forget about the other parts of the game. I personally am more proud of the fact that I was a couple rebounds shy of 1,000 rebounds. I value that stat more than my 1,300+ points," he said.

Volk is also involved in football, basketball, baseball, band, the robotics team and speech. He has received All-Conference awards in the past for football, basketball and baseball and is an 'A' honor roll student.

"Trey plans on attending college," said his father. "He is currently undecided on a career path, but he has a couple years of high school yet to decide that. He would like to participate in sports at the college level. He does not work at the moment, instead spending his time with his studies and extra-curricular activities."

Volk keeps himself busy with anything to do with athletics. His father said he spends a lot of the time in the gym, outside activities, and lifting weights. He also likes hanging out with his friends and his brother playing video games.

Coach Volk and his wife, Tiffany also have a 13 year old, Isaac, who is a seventh grader at Blackduck.

Coach Mistic believes that Volk's teammate Shane Fenske will hit it next year if things stay normal.

"If things go normal for him, he will no doubt get 2,000 and will hopefully win alot along the way -- that's what he wants more than anything is just to win!" said Mistic.

"I hope Trey and Shane get the chance to pass my mark, and when they are done I hope some third or fourth graders see what they have done and try to surpass their mark. I am just glad that Blackduck basketball is able to be competitive again. If kids are motivated to beat my mark and this is the result, I am happy," said Moen.