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Aerial gymnasts do well at Rising Star Invite

Bemidji Aerials, from left: Emma Schmidt, Tatiana Smrekar, Hannah Gregg, Amber Peterson, Emily Howard, Alyssa Allen, Jess Bergquist, Kayla Hennum and Haley Gregg

The Bemidji Aerial optional level gymnasts competed at the Rising Star Invitational in North St. Paul on Sunday. In the LEVEL 7 MEET, Emily Howard took 1st place in the all around with a score of 34.6. Howard finsihed 1st on the vault with 8.7, 4th on the uneven parallel bars with 8.8, 1st place on the balance beam with 8.85, and 3rd place on the floor exercise. Howard competed in the 14 and over age group.

Emma Schmidt, in the 12-13 age group scored 8.35 on the vault, 8.3 (6) on the bars, 8.275 on the beam, 8.725 (10) on the floor, and 33.65 (10) in the all around.

Tatiana Smrekar, in the 14 and over group hit 8.6 (6) on the vault, 6.65 on the bars, 7.05 on the beam, 7.65 on the floor, and 29.95 in the all around.

The Aerials Level 7 team finished in 5th place out of 13 teams with 98.2.

The Aerials Level 8 team finished 4th out of 13 teams with 96.525. Hannah Gregg, in the 13-14 age group, led the Aerials scoring 8.5 (4) on the vault, 7.35 (6) on the bars, 8.35 (2) on the beam, 8.6 (6) on the floor, and 32.8 for 4th place in the all around.

In the 15 and over age group, Haley Gregg received 8.2 on the vault, 6.9 (9) on the bars, 7.9 (7) on the beam, 8.6 (7) on the floor, and 31.6 (8) in the all around.

Alyssa Allen earned 8.5 (6) on the vault, 7.25 (8) on the bars, 6.525 on the beam, 8.25 (9) on the floor, and 30.525 (9) in the all around.

Jessica Bergquist scored 8.1 on the vault, 5.0 on the bars, 7.65 (8) on the beam, 8.356 (8) on the floor, and 29.125 (10) in the all around.

Kayla Hennum hit 8.55 (5) on the vault, 5.8 on the bars, 6.8 on the beam, and 7.45 on the floor for a 28.6 all around total.

Amber Peterson finished with 8.425 (7) on the vault, 7.125 (10) on the beam, and 8.2 (10) on the floor, but did not compete on the bars.

The Optional Level State Meet will be coming up on March 31-April 1 also in North St. Paul. Howard and Schmidt have previously hit the Level 7 State Qualifying score of 34 points in all around. Hannah Gregg previously reached the Level 8 Qualifying mark of 33.5 in the all around.