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Bemidji Aerial gymnasts compete at Northern Lights meet

The Bemidji Aerials Optional level gymnasts competed in the Northern Lights Classic at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Friday. In the LEVEL 7 meet, Emily Howard paced the Aerials with scores of 8.65 on the vault, 8.3 for 8th place on the uneven parallel bars, 8.45 for 9th place on the balance beam, 8.5 on the floor exercise, and 33.9 for 8th place in the all around.

Emma Schmidt scored 8.475 on the vault, 8.25 (9th) on the bars, 7.85 on the beam, 8.65 on the floor, and 33.225 in the all around.

Tatiana Smrekar hit 8.2 on the vault, 5.5 on the bars, 7.4 on the beam, and 7.4 on the floor for a 28.5 all around score.

In the LEVEL 8 session, Hannah led the Aerials with marks of 8.475 on the vault, 7.05 on the bars, 9.175 (8th) on the beam, 8.325 on the floor, and 32.975 in the all around.

Alyssa Allen received 8.575 (10th) on the vault, 7.4 on the bars, 8.2 on the beam, and 8.5 on the floor for a 32.675 all around total.

Haley Gregg hit 8.35 on the vault, 6.5 on the bars, 9.0 (5th) on the beam, and 8.675 on the floor for a 32.525 all around sum.

Kayla Hennum earned 8.425 on the vault, 4.7 on the bars, 8.1 on the beam, and 8.1 on the floor for a 29.325 all around score.

Jessica Bergquist finished with 8.35 on the vault, 4.3 on the bars, 7.35 on the beam, 8.425 on the floor, and 28.425 in the all around.

The next action for the Aerials will be the Rising Stars Invitational in North St. Paul on Sunday, March 18.