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Mustang Boys Basketball Update

The following statistics are from the game at Blackduck tlast Friday. The final score of the game was 71-63 with the Drakes getting the win.

Joey Schuh had a total of 15 points, with six 2-pt. buckets made and was 3-4 for freethrows. He also had two assists and two fouls and 11 rebounds.

Isaiah Rahier had a total of 12 points, also with six 2-pt. buckets and was 0-2 on his freethrows. He had six assists, three steals and eight rebounds.

Travis Olafson had a total of nine points, with three 3-pt. buckets. He had one assist, three steals, one foul and two rebounds.

Keith Shaughnessy had a total of eight points, with two 2-pt. buckets and was 4-5 for free throws. He also had two assists and three fouls and 11 rebounds.

Jeff Roosdett had a total of seven points, with two 2-pt. buckets and a 3-pt. bucket. He halos had a steal, three blocks, one foul and eight rebounds.

Tristan Williams had a total of sixalso had one assist and one steal, with three personal fouls and five rebounds.

Micah Jorgenson had a total of four points, with one 2-pt. bucket and one 3-pt. bucket. He also had one block, two fouls and two rebounds.

Caleb Schneider had a total of two points with one 2-pt. bucket. He also had three fouls and one rebound.