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Bemidji gymnastics finish second at triangular

Bemidji's Katie Jensen performed on the uneven bars during Saturday's triangular meet. Jensen finished fifth in the event with a score of 7.9. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

Katie Jensen and Jessica Bergquist finished fourth and fifth in the all around chase to lead the Bemidji gymnastics team to second place at Saturday's triangular hosted by the Bemidji gymnastics team.

Jensen, whose best individual finish was second place on the vault, finished with 33.0 all around points while Bergquist, who was second on the beam, tallied 32.950.

On the strength of their efforts the Lumberjacks scored 131.5, a 5.75-point improvement over Friday's 125.75 total at the dual at Park Rapids.

Fargo South won Saturday's meet with 133.0 and Fargo Davies was third with 121.05.

"Our score of 131.5 is very good for so early in the season," said BHS coach Don Papreck. "Overall the kids performed better than they did Friday at Park Rapids and I'm happy with our performances."

The Lumberjacks won the vault with a team score of 34.7. Jensen was second (8.95) in the event while Amy Carey tied for third (8.75) and Bergquist fifth (8.650).

Kylie Grosfield paced the Jacks on the bars as she tied for third (8.25). Jensen was fifth (7.9), Sara Erickson sixth (7.85) and Bergquist seventh (7.75).

Bergquist stuck her beam routine and placed second (8.3). Jensen and Carey were among three competitors who tied for third (8.0).

Carey led Bemidji on the floor exercise as she placed fifth (8.85) while Bergquist was seventh (8.25) and Jensen eighth (8.15).

Bemidji Triangular

Fargo South 133.0, Bemidji 131.5, Fargo Davies 121.05

Vault: 1-Bemidji, 2-FS, 3-FD. 1-Carroll (FS) 9.65. Bemidji's results: 2-Jensen 8.95; 3-Carey 8.75; 5-Bergquist 8.65; 9-Bro. Beck 8.35; 10-Bri. Beck 8.25

Bars: 1-FS 32.5, 2-Bemidji 31.75, 3-FD 26.85. 1-Ussleman (FS) 8.65. Bemidji's results: 3-Grosfield 8.250; 5-Jensen 7.9; 6-Erickson 7.85; 7-Bergquist 7.75; 11-Bro. Beck 6.95

Beam: 1-FS 31.95; 2-Bemidji 31.8; 3-FD 27.80. 1-Ussleman (FS) 8.45. Bemidji's results: 2-Bergquist 8.3; 3T-Jensen 8.0, Carey 8.0; 10-Bri. Beck 7.5; 11-Erickson 6.9

Floor: 1-FS 34.3; 2-Bemidji 33.25; 3-FD 33.0. 1-Carroll (FS) 9.35. Bemidji's results: 5-Carey 8.85; 7-Bergquist 8.25; 8-Jensen 8.15; 10-Bri. Beck 8.0; 11-Erickson 7.45

All Around: 1-Carroll (FS) 35.4. Bemidji's results: 4-Jensen 33.0; 5-Bergquist 32.95; 9-Carey 25.6; 11-Bri. Beck 23.75; 12-Erickson 22.2; 14-Bro.Beck 15.3; 17-Grosfield 8.25

Friday's Result

Bemidji 125.75, Park Rapids 112.05

Vault: Bemidji 34.30, Park Rapids 31.90. Bemidji's results: 1-Jensen 8.8; 2-Bergquist 8.55; 3-Bri.Beck 8.55; 4-Bro.Beck; 7-Carey 8.2

Bars: Bemidji 31.65, Park Rapids 27.15. Bemidji's results: 1-Grosfield 8.30; 2-Jensen 8.20; 3-Erickson 7.95; 5-Bro.Beck 7.20; 7-Bergquist 6.85

Beam: Bemidji 27.40, Park Rapids 24.10. Bemidji's results: 2-Jensen 7.25; 3-Bergquist 7.10; 4-Carey 6.60; 5-Erickson 6.45; 6-Bri. Beck 6.30

Floor: Bemidji 32.40, Park Rapids 28.90. Bemidji's results: 1-Carey 8.60; 2-Bergquist 8.40; 3-Jensen 7.80; 5-Erickson, Bro. Beck 7.60

All Around: Bemidji's results: 1-jensen 32.05; 3-Bergquist 30.90

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