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Mustang Volleyball News

"Would everyone please rise for the playing of The Star Spangled Banner?"

As the fans rose from their seats and patiently awaited the playing of our nations song, there was a commotion in the exercise room.

Frantically, students and staff attempted to start the song but, the cord that plugs into the stereo was faulty. With the fans growing more and more impatient, the Varsity volleyball team looked around at each other knowing we all had the same plan in mind.

Tanyssa Olafson, sophomore, ran to the coaches as I dashed towards the exercise room. When I informed the new principal, Mr. van der Hagen, of our plan he applauded our bravery.

I stopped by the announcer's table to grab the microphone on my back to the end line. When I reached my fellow teammates, we formed a circle and began singing "The Star Spangled Banner."

When we had finished singing our last note, the crowd made an uproar. This was just the kick-off to a very entertaining first match.

The first match of our game against the Clearbook-Gonvick Bears was a complete success. We did everything well. Our passes were dead on, the sets were near perfect and the hits couldn't have been harder.

We won the first match and went into the second match with the same mind set. We started off very strong. Our talking was a bit stuttered but all in all we fought hard. By this time, both teams were feeling the exhaustion setting in. Although we lost the second match, we were hopeful going into the third.

We fought hard for this match but nothing seemed to go our way. The passes were not successful. When the pass would be good, the setter was not ready and the set would be not very hitable. And when we could finally get in a good pass and set, the hitter just could not hit around the big middle block. We lost the third match pretty severely.

By the time the fourth match was about to begin, both teams were feeling the exhaustion of playing three previous games to 25 points. The Mustangs had their heads hanging low and it felt nearly impossible to pick them up. Although we tried our hardest to not get frustrated with ourselves and our abilities, it just seemed nearly impossible. With the last loss on the scoreboard the game was over. The Clearbrook-Gonvick Bears had won.

I feel the reason for this loss is a lack of team spirit and effort. When one of us makes a mistake we let it keep bugging us and that affects your other playing directly. When one only has three seconds to forget a play before the ball is coming back over the net, this can be difficult and frusterating at times. Although we couldn't pull toghether a win, as individuals, we all had our high moments.

Katey Lutz had a very good night. She was hitting her hardest, both the ball and the floor. Even though she got blocked a couple times, she recovered well and learned to hit around the block. Great job Katey!

Kelly Heck never stopped trying. She had a few hits out of bounds but it takes real courage to keep going up there and swinging away again. You can do it Kelly Heck!

Kaylee Fisher is a passing machine. Whenever the ball is going in Kaylee's general direction we all can relax in confidence that she will give a perfect pass every time. Keep up the good work Kaylee!

Tanyssa Olafson had some hip pain and was having trouble moving around and jumping to hit the ball, but I think I speak for the team when I say that she stepped up her game and pushed through the pain. Way to take one for the team Tanyssa!

Kristen White passed well and was never afraid to hit. Even though she missed a couple, she pulled through it and had some great hits. Keep it up Kristen!

Rachel Chaffin did an amazing job of always being ready to have the second set when I was not able to get to the ball. She also hit very well and served well. Rachel is a great team leader!

As for Bree Lindley and Jackie Pierson, you both have great team spirit! Jackie did an amazing job at stepping up and playing her first varsity points while I was taken out for a break. Bree Lindley is always ready and anxious to play and I look forward to the day I get to play on the court with her.

In conclusion, we sang marvelously, had tons of fun and played like a team but in the end we just could not end the game with a win. I expect to see a lot more success coming in the near future from the Northome/Kelliher Mustangs volleyball team.