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Season ends with great races

Campfire smoke swirled skyward, footballs flew through the air, mini bikes and four wheels were in abundance over the weekend. But this wasn't a campground near a lake on a beautiful fall afternoon, it was the the 27th annual Paul Bunyan Stampede at Bemidji Speedway.

Nearly 120 drivers from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Canada brought their crews and fans to Bemidji for the end-of-the-year two-day event, racing for national points and for fun. A total of 56 races were enjoyed by all during the special weekend.

The racing was action-packed with several drivers, including Dan Ebert in the Midwest Modifieds, Brandon Kellen in Mod Fours, Mark Johnson in the Streets and Travis Sauer in the Modifieds picking up clean sweeps during the two-day show.

Mark Johnson caught Scotty Messner for the lead and hung on for the victory. Christina Wollak, Robert Young and Doug VanMill rounded out the top five.

Two of the best lined up next to each other in the Wissota A Modified feature with Travis Sauer on the pole and Shane Sabraski to his right. In the end Sauer won the race and Sabraski was second.

Chad Funt and Tim LaVoi lined up and dueled throughout the race before Funt claimed the crown. LaVoi was second with Kurt Notch, Matt Everts, and Adam Olson finishing in the top five.

A great field of Mod Fours roared onto the track. Brandon Kellen and Dustin Zieske were side-by-side going across the finish line with Kellen claiming the win by a nose, Zieske second and Conrad Schwinn third.

A 20-car field of Wissota Midwest Modifieds qualified for the feature from a field of 26 racers. Dan Ebert earned the checkered flag with Skyler Smith, Matt Weisman, Shane Sabraski and Scott Bintz in the top five.

Seth Kramer held on to pick up his first ever feature win. The Brainerd area racer was followed across the finish line by Andy Davey, Shane Sabraski, Kevin Burdick and Stephen Weber.

As a series of cautions slowed the race Kevin Davey picked off opponents racing on the high side into fourth, third and then moving into second. On the last lap Davey race high around Ron Feltus and down the front straight the two were side-by-side across the finish line with Davey claiming the victory.

A good race developed among Tim Johnson, Mark Johnson and local favorite Scotty Messner. In the end Tim Johnson claimed the first feature of the day. Mark Johnson was second and Messner third.

Following a late restart Conrad Schwinn maintained his first-place position and held on for the win. Corey VanMil found room on the high side to pass Tommy McGough for second.

Shane Sabraski took the checkered flag and Brett Schmidt was second with Scott Bintz, Dan Ebert and Ricky Jacobson filling the top five positions.

A final caution created a restart situation but didn't change the outcome as Derek Vesel held off Gary Nelson Jr. for the win.

Ricky Jacobson and Dan Ebert were side-by-side during the final laps and at the end Jacobson edged Ebert for first place. Jason Voight was third.

Brett Schmidt lined up dead last in the 16-car field but he worked his way through the field and took the checkered flag to claim the feature win in a borrowed car.

Tim LaVoi took his pole position to the front and stayed there for the feature win. Chad Funt, Adam Olson, Kurt Notch and Rick Watson took top-five honors.

The official racing season will come to an end with the annual awards banquet Jan. 21 at the Bemidji Eagles.

Saturday's Results

Wissota Street Feature - Mark Johnson, Scotty Messner, Christina Wallak, Robert Young, Doug VanMill, Jack Peterson, John Kallas, Dexton Koch, Tony Yezek, Al Sadek

Heat 1 - S. Messner, T. Yezek, J. Peterson, D. Koch, A. Sadek

Heat 2 - M. Johnson, D. VanMill, C. Wollak, R. Young, J. Beaulieu

Wissota A Modified Feature - Travis Sauer, Shane Sabraski, Jerry Esler, Jeff Broking, Ryan Canon, Ricky Jacobson, John Schulke, Dan Ebert, Paul Schultz, Adam Johnson

Heat 1 - T. Sauer, J. Broking, S. Sabraski, B. Dyrdahl, R. Canon,

Heat 2 - D. Ebert, J. Esler, R. Jacobson, P. Schultz, J. Shulke

Bemidji Mini Stocks Feature - Chad Funt, Tim LaVoi, Kurt Notch, Matt Everts, Adam Olson, Ev Barrett, Zack Peterson, Reed Mathees, Rick Watson

Heat 1 - T. LaVoi, R. Watson, Z. Peterson, E. Barrett, D. Dudley

Heat 2 - A. Olson, C. Funt, K. Notch, R. Mathees, M. Everts

Wissota Mod Four Feature - Brandon Kellen, Dustin Zieske, Conrad Schwinn, Dustin Knutson, Dean Larson, Tommy Sabraski, Chad Funt, Fran Hauber, Nathan Higginbotham

Heat 1 - D. Zieske, D. Knutson, B. Higginbotham, M. Margl, D. Larson

Heat 2 - B. Kellen, T. Sabraski, N. Higginbotham, T. Stranger, J. Mauer

Heat 3 - C. Schwinn, F. Hauber, D. Gilyard, T. Kellen, J. Erdman

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature - Dan Ebert, Skyler Smith, Matt Weisman, Shane Sabraski, Scott Bintz, Brett Schmidt, Travis Sauer, Corey Koenig, Bill Matzdorf, Ricky Jacobson

Heat 1 - R. Sauer, S. Sabraski, T. Sauer, S. Bintz, B. Bahr,

Heat 2 - M. Weisman, C. Koenig, J. Norman, B. Youderin, M. Miller

Heat 3 - S. Smith, C. Dudley, B. Schmidt, D. Lawler, R. Reed

Heat 4 - D. Ebert, B. Matzdorf, R. Jacobson, D.Miller, K. Perry

Consolation Race - B. Bahr, J. Heaviland, Z. Bruer, D. Lawler, D. Plato, K. Perry, M. Miller, J. Wilde, R. Reed, A. Johnson

Wissota Super Stock Feature - Seth Kramer, Andy Davey, Shane Sabraski, Kevin Burdick, Stephen Weber, Robert Lore, Gary Nelson Jr, Derek Vesel, Mike Vajdl, R. Kintner

Heat 1 - A. Davey, S. Kramer, S. Weber, M. Vajdl, J. Yilek

Heat 2 - G. Nelson Jr, D. Carlson, B. Dulas, B. Schmidt, R. Kintner

Heat 3 - S. Sabraski, K. Burdeck, R. Lore, D. Vesel, D. Lindell

Bemidji Pure Stock Feature - Kevin Davey, Ron Feltus, Bill Beaulieu, Mike Macadams Sr., Cory Peterson, Bill Chaboyea, Keith Koski, Mike Macadams, Joel Harvey, Jerry Rainy

Heat 1 - B. Chaboyea, W. Schmidt, B. Beaulieu, B. Isensee, J. Lutgen

Heat 2 - K. Koski, C. Peterson, R. Feltus, C. Puschinsky, M. Macadams Sr.

Heat 3 - M. Macadams, M. Johnson, K. Davey, J. Harvey, Jerry Raimey

Sunday's Results

Wissota Street Feature - Tim Johnson, Mark Johnson, Scotty Messner, Brett Schmidt, Allen Brehmer, Mark Voight, Christina Wollack, Tony Yezik, Doug VanMill, Dan MacNamee

Heat 1 - S. Messner, T. Johnson, A. Brehmer, D. VanMill, T. Yezik

Heat 2 - C. Wallack, M. Johnson, J. Kallas, B. Schmidt, J. Beaulieu

Wissota Mod Four Feature - Conrad Schwinn, Corey VanMil, Tommy McGough, Brandon Kellen, Dustin Zieske, Dwight, Gillyard, Tommy Sabraski, Fran Hauber, Jim Erdman, Nathan Higginbotham

Heat 1 - D. Zieski, B. Kellen, M. Margl, B. Higginbotham, N. Higginbotham

Heat 2 - C. VanMil, C. Schwinn, T. Sabraski, D. Larson, J. Erdman

Heat 3 - F. Hauber, C. Nehk, D. Gilyard, J. Mauer, D. Funt

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature - Shane Sabraski, Brett Schmidt, Scott Bintz, Dan Ebert, Ricky Jacobson, Travis Sauer, Skyler Smith, Matt Wiesman, Ron Sauer, Corey Koenig

Heat 1 - D. Ebert, S. Sabraski, B. Schmidt, T. Sauer, B. Youderin

Heat 2 - C. Koenig, J. Norman, M. Miller, J. Wilde, R. Reed

Heat 3 - S. Bintz, R. Jacobson, S. Smith, M. Weisman, J. Heaviland

Heat 4 - C. Dudley, R. Sauer, D. Miller, B. Bahr, R. Andring

Consy - B. Youderin, J. Heaviland, C. Koenig. T. Andring, D. Lawler, R. Reed, K. Perry, A. Johnson, D. Plato

Wissota Super stock Feature - Derek Vesel, Gary Nelson Jr, Shane Sabraski, Kevin Burdick, Matt Sparby, DaltonCarlson, Brett Dulas, Andy Davey, Robert Kintner, Dale Lindell

Heat 1 - K. Burdick, G. Nelson Jr, B Dulas, R. Kintner, B Schmidt,

Heat 2 - D. Vesel, R. Lore, S. Kramer, S. Weber, K. Keana

Heat 3 - D. Lindell, S. Sabraski, M. Sparby, D. Carlson, A. Davey

Wissota A Modified Feature - Ricky Jacobson, Dan Ebert, Jason Voight, Paul Schultz, Tim Johnson, Scott Heikkinen, Brock Gronwald, Shane Sabraski, Ryan Canon, Jeff Broking

Heat 1 - D. Ebert, S. Sabraski, J. Broking, J. Shulke, T. Johnson

Heat 2 - T. Sauer, R. Jacobson, B. Dyrdahl, T. Champlin, B. Gronwald, S. Heikkinen

Heat 3 - P. Schultz, J. Voight, M. Blood, A. Johnson, R. Canon

Pure Stock Feature - Brett Schmidt, Mike Macadams, Bill Beaulieu, Bill Chaboyea, Ron Feltus, Kevin Davey, Joel Harvey, Cory Peterson, Mike Macadams, Mike Johnson

Heat 1 - J. Harvey, K. Davey, M. Macadams Sr, K. Koski, C. Peterson

Heat 2 - B. Schmidt, R. Feltus, M. Macadams, B. Beaulieu, M. Johnson

Mini Stock Feature - Tim LaVoi, Chad Funt, Adam Olson, Kurt Notch, Rick Watson, Becky Barrett, Reed Mathees, Matt Everts, Ev Barrett

Heat 1 - T. LaVoi, K.Notch, C. Funt, R. Watson, A. Olson