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Harvey challenges for Pure Stock lead at Bemidji Speedway

Joel Harvey enters this week's action at Bemidji Speedway in second place in the Pure Stock class. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

Currently in second place at Bemidji Speedway and just 12 points behind the leader in the Pure Stock class, 32-year-old racer Joel Harvey is having fun.

Driving a Chevy Monte Carlo, Harvey places his 2010 "clean sweep" during the annual DARE night as a highlight of his three-year racing career.

"A lot of my friends raced and I helped them in the pits and wanted to try it," said Harvey. "Guys like Deke Donat and Josh Coons were an inspiration to me."

Harvey finished fourth in the season points standings in 2010 at Bemidji Speedway. With the help of his pit crew Deke Donat and Mike Margl, Harvey hopes to win a track championship this season at the Speedway.

Harvey is sponsored by Blue Moon Saloon and Donat Repair.