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Canada advances to World Championships title game

Canada will face either Scotland or Norway today in the championship game of the Men's World Curling Championships in Regina, Sask.

Canada advanced to the title game by defeating Scotland 5-2 in the 1-vs.-2 Page playoff division. Norway survived with a 7-2 win over Sweden in the 3-vs.-4 page matchup.

Norway battled Scotland late Saturday in the final elimination match and that winner will face Canada today.

In Canada's match against Scotland Canadian skip Jeff Stoughton led his team to victory. Canada opened the scoring with a pair in the second end but the Scots leveled it in the fifth when skip Tom Brewster had a simple draw for two.

In the sixth Stoughton had to settle for just one point rather than the two he was looking for. Canada stole a point in the eighth when Brewster was long with his final draw and a miss in the ninth end by Brewster gave Canada another steal.

In the 10th end Canada was content to keep the house clean and Scotland eventually conceded when it ran out of rocks.