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Fenson finishes 10th at Men's World Curling Championships

A year ago Pete Fenson and Team USA's record was 8-3 at the Men's World Curling Championships and they were prepping for a run in the playoffs. Fast forward a year and in an odd turn of events, the Americans finished the week in Regina, Sask. with the record in reverse as the round-robin came to a close Thursday night.

In their finale Fenson and teammates Shawn Rojeski, Joe Polovand Ryan Brunt were trying to play spoiler as Thomas Dufour's rink sought a spot in the playoffs for France for the first time since 1973. It would the French men, however, with Tony Angiboust throwing last rocks, smiling as the final stone was thrown to convert a double takeout for the 9-7 victory.

With the loss the U.S. finishes 10th in the 12-team field with a 3-8 record.

"I told the guys to have a good time out there. We can't win the bonspiel, but we can win the game. There's a big crowd, we're here, go out and have a little fun and see what we can do," Fenson said. "It was fun for awhile. It was a hard game, which is what you expect, but we tried to enjoy ourselves the most we could, and we'll go like crazy to try to get back here again."

The end of the round-robin brings the completion to a frustrating week battling the ice.

"Same deal, we missed a few draws early and we just didn't pick up the ice fast enough again and missed a few shots because of it. That's kind of the tale of the whole week," Fenson said.

Thursday's Late Results

Draw 17: Switzerland 7, Korea 6; Czech Republic 6, Denmark 5; Norway 7, Canada 6; France 9, USA 7

Final Standings

Canada 10-1, Scotland 9-2, Sweden 7-4, France 7-4, Norway 7-4, Germany 6-5, Switzerland 6-5, Czech Republic 5-6, China 4-7, USA 3-8, Korea 2-9, Denmark 0-11