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Mustang boys lose momentum

The boy's basketball team played the Bigfork team Feb. 15. They came into the game a little loosey-goosey. The Mustangs played a hard-fought first half and through the second half but they weren't able to slide out with a win.

One of the Bigfork players hit everything that he threw up making it very hard to win. The boys were hurt quite badly and were looking forward to the game against their rivals, the Littlefork Vikings. That is all there is to say about that game.

The JV, on the other hand, won their game on Tuesday. They, too, came out in their looseygoosey type game, but they were not down by as much as the varsity was and were able to come back and win. After this game they wanted to keep on their roll and beat the Vikings. Both had high expectations but one wasn't able to slam out a win.

The varsity had a chip on their shoulders. Some would have told you that they were actually missing part of their shoulder because of how rough the last game was.

On Feb. 17 the Littlefork Vikings came to Northome. The boys went into the game ready to play or so they thought. They came out shooting well and making baskets all over on one side of the floor then on the other they wouldn't box out. This made for a long and rough game because the opponents get second and third chance points.

They boys lost the game, to no one's surprise. They were very upset and the locker room was like a haz-met scene for anyone who entered.

The JV won their game which made their win record at six straight wins. They played two very good halves and they deserved their win for all their hard work. The varsity does, too, but they will have to wait to get theirs.

On Feb. 22 the Mustangs went to Nevis for a physical and upsetting game. They played a poor game. They didn't score first plus they didn't score until they were down by eight.

After that, they didn't rebound at all. They just watched the Nevis player run by and grab the ball. The Mustangs slowly fought and at half were only down by 12.

The boys came out and played a much better second half but then their shots wouldn't fall and the rebounding wasn't there and the score grew to a 20 point difference.

The JV had much better luck than the varsity did. They played with lots of intensity and with one goal in mind. To win. Both teams were stride-for-stride until the second half. When the second half began the Mustangs took the first swing and after knocking the Tigers on their heals sprinted off and took home the win.

In an effort to help the team focus, de-stress and build confidence, Coach Bob Stueven had an instructor come in and teach the boys ways to calm themselves through exercise and breathing right.

On Feb. 25, the boys traveled to Laporte to try get another win in the record books before the big game Feb. 28 against Cass Lake.

The JV didn't play Friday because Laporte didn't have enough players to put on a Varsity and a JV. They only had 13 people, both JV and varsity and five of them were ineligible for this week.

On Feb. 28, the Cass Lake Panthers sharpened their claws on the Mustangs. This was the final game of the season for both the JV and the varsity. Ever since the Mustangs lost to the Panthers way back in January, a game that they were sure that they could win, they looked forward to winning a rematch and showing their stuff. They could not stomp up enough dust to do it that night though. They lost 76 to 56. That brought their record down to 10-14. This was very disgruntling to the boys who were looking to get to 500.

The JV was hoping to end their season on a win. This was not to be. They ended up losing by ten. They were very upset. The thing that got them was that the Panthers had a lot of quick buckets.

The boys first play-off game was March 7. It may be a pigtail game. That means that the bottom six teams in the section have to play the first round. The top five get a bye week and get to watch all the other teams play to try to get to them. This means that the Mustangs will be playing Laporte or the Bug School.