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NKB track fundraiser

Beginning immediately, the Northome/Kelliher/Blackduck track team will be selling pizzas as a fundraiser to purchase new singlets (tops) and shorts. We are anticipating that there will be approximately 60 athletes out for the sport this year. The cost of the uniforms for this number of athletes will be between $3,200-$3,500. If there are more athletes, then naturally the cost will be greater. This will be an excellent opportunity for the athletes to take ownership of the activity and make the effort to earn the funds for something that they want.

Because we have such a short season and the idea to purchase the new uniforms came up quite suddenly, the time frame for taking orders and turning them in is short. All of the orders must be received by Feb. 28. This will give us just enough time to compile the orders and then order the materials that the athletes will need to make the pizzas.

When placing an order, payment must also be made. Checks should be made out to NKB Track and given to the athlete when the order is place. There can be no Collect On Delivery.

Once the orders are compiled, the material order will be placed and the expected date to make the pizzas is March 12 at 9 a.m. at Northome School under the direction of Lisa Hartman. The pizzas will then be delivered by the athletes who took the orders or arrangements can be made to pick them up at the school on the day that they are being made. The pizzas will not be able to be stored in the school freezer for any length of time due to the lack of freezer space.

If you are not contacted by a Northome/Kelliher/Blackduck track athlete to order pizzas and would like to place an order, you may contact Mr. Schneider or Mr. Lorenzen at Northome School at 897-5275 or Barb Moon at Blackduck School at 835-5300.

Again, the two important dates to remember are Feb. 28, orders and money have to be received and March 12, the pizzas will be made at Northome School beginning at 9 am.

Once everything is taken care of, then we will place the order for the uniforms. It will take approximately four weeks for the uniform order to be processed and filled, so by the middle to end of April, we would hope to have our new look.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the above numbers.